Avoid expensive on-premise server maintenance

Avoid expensive on-premise server maintenance - cloud server farm
Cut server maintenance costs by moving your ERP system into the cloud.

MYOB Exo is a sophisticated server-based ERP system that fully integrates your financial and business management data. The software is used by over 3,000 mid-tier organisations across New Zealand and Australia. Its popularity is partly due to the typically lower cost to implement, compared to other mid-market ERP packages. However, the need to maintain an on-premise server adds up over time. What was a well-priced solution can turn into a financial liability – especially when the server needs to be upgraded or replaced.

Costs and benefits of an on-premise server

Managing an on-premise server requires dealing with these factors:

  • the server hardware
  • the operating system of the server
  • a database software component such as Microsoft SQL
  • power and running costs of the server room
  • server updates and data backups
  • maintaining anti-virus protection and server security
  • configuring firewalls and switches.

You can justify these expenses if your company:

  • requires deep integration with other on-premise or cloud based systems
  • struggles with a poor internet connection
  • has specific requirements that cannot be met by a hosted or SaaS solution
  • has security concerns hosting data in the cloud
  • has already invested significant capital into on-premise servers.

Thanks to progress in the technology industry, you are no longer required to run and maintain on-premise servers. Internet connections are faster and more reliable, and the security of the cloud is the highest priority. Shifting your ERP system to the cloud cuts costs in the long term, not only by removing the need for the capital investment required to build and maintain an on-premise server, but also by eliminating the risks of server downtime and long-term system maintenance.

ERP Systems that are not bound to on-premise servers

You can move your current MYOB Exo system into the cloud with ExoHosted. The hosted environment gives you flexible access to your database, without needing to implement a new ERP. Your data is migrated onto an offsite location and can be securely accessed through a web browser, or directly. This is a good option for those who still require the specific fit and function of MYOB Exo, where upgrading to MYOB Advanced may be inappropriate given the current needs of your business.

MYOB Advanced is a powerful mid-market ERP system, based in the cloud as a full SaaS solution. Get access to your business data anywhere, anytime without the costs of server maintenance. Your data is stored and managed securely and locally by Amazon Web Services (AWS). MYOB Advanced has a flexible API that allows integration with many different Connected Services. You can operate your business from a single source of truth while encouraging data input from multiple functional areas. This flexibility and accessibility are delivered via a convenient monthly subscription. This makes for much easier budgeting, compared to the unpredictable maintenance and labour costs that come with an on-premise server.

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