Enprise puts an HTML 5 wrapper on MYOB Exo Business so it will run on any device and on any operating system; this includes smart phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and Apple devices.

The MYOB software is billed as usual (annual license fee) and there is a monthly hosting fee.

The Enprise Cloud gives our customers all the benefits of cloud (access from anywhere, fixed monthly price, increase computing resource as your business grows) with none of the disadvantages (multiple suppliers blaming each other when things don’t work, loss of data sovereignty, maintaining old on-premise server equipment).

Enprise is the original inventor of MYOB Exo, so we know the product inside out. Use the fully-managed Enprise Cloud to get all the advantages of moving to the cloud, while avoiding all the pitfalls.

Video: Why Choose MYOB Exo Business Hosted

Watch this video to find out if choosing MYOB Exo Business Hosted could be good for your business.

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