Warren Da Costa, Design Sheetmetal, Enprise customer

Sheet metal fabrication and distribution company Design Sheetmetal has combined MYOB Exo Business with barcoding and delivery management modules to save two hours each day locating stock and orders, as well as optimising delivery routes and taking forecasting and reporting to a whole new level.

Design Sheetmetal (DSM) custom fabricates a wide range of steel products from steel coil (raw units of steel) and delivers over 250 orders a day across Melbourne. The company wanted an ERP system that could be heavily customised to fit its specific and complex business needs. DSM was introduced to Enprise by inventory software specialist The RIC Group and worked with both providers to implement MYOB Exo Business with added barcoding and delivery management modules.

Scoping requirements

Enprise’s Service Delivery Manager spent time onsite to learn DSM’s business thoroughly before recommending how to customise MYOB Exo Business to meet the company’s specific needs. Design Sheetmetal Managing Director Warren Da Costa says Enprise’s efforts to understand and fully scope DSM’s complicated business requirements were reassuring.

“Enprise asked all the right questions and took the time to gain a really good understanding of our business – our products, processes and procedures and how we operate. It’s a very complex environment; everything is custom fabricated,” Warren says. 

A custom-tailored solution

The complexity of DSM’s systems and business processes, including the wide range of calculations required, necessitated significant customisations to the MYOB Exo Business solution. “We did some very fancy things for DSM,” General Manager Gary Christieson says. Enprise delivered a robust, fullycustomised automated warehouse management solution easily capable of handling DSM’s complex stock management requirements. As part of the solution, Enprise collaborated with The RIC Group on a customised barcode scanning and steel coil management system, and a delivery management system. Both are fully integrated with MYOB Exo Business.

Barcode scanning and coil management

Warren Da Costa says before the company implemented Exo it was very difficult to tell what stage each steel order was at because DSM kept a manual inventory.

“The barcode scanning module integrated into Exo means the barcode of every product we manufacture is now scanned at every stage during the process. As a result, we know where every specific order is at in the supply chain,” Warren says. “We can easily manage our stock and predict shortfalls. The ability to forward plan is invaluable.”

The barcode scanning and coil management system also delivered ‘significant’ time savings: “Before Exo, we could easily lose a precious 10 minutes with every phone call, trying to locate stock or orders. We save around two hours every day – a significant amount of time,” Warren says.

Optimised loading and delivery routes

DSM operates 24 hours a day six days a week. A fleet of trucks delivers steel products from midnight through to 5 p.m. A new run management system enables DSM to plan the most cost and time-effective delivery routes. Trucks are loaded in the correct sequence, so products for the next delivery are always on top. Delivery runs are faster and hassle-free.

Ongoing support

Implementation took five weeks. Enprise provided prior training, and for four weeks after the installation. Ongoing training is available as required. After go-live Enprise fine-tuned the solution, added other features requested by DSM and ensured everything worked as required.

Investment pays dividends

Warren Da Costa says DSM’s investment in automated warehouse management has transformed day-to-day business operations: “Our business processes are more streamlined and less time consuming now,” he says.

“Three outcomes stand out for me: the time taken by staff to key in sales orders has decreased by around 30 percent; we can see where any order sits in the production schedule; and the coil management functionality enables staff to determine what stock levels are at any point in time. This drives forward planning.”

The ability to customise the sales order process has created reporting efficiencies. Generating reports is fast and easy, and staff can drill down much further and generate more relevant information – which assists with forecasting and budgeting. The new system is more transparent and has made staff more accountable for the information they add. Automation has improved workflow and reduced human error for calculations. Gary says DSM has been an exceptionally good client for Enprise to work with: “Warren’s heart and soul were committed to the project. We had his backing and he made sure his staff got on board, which contributed to the project’s success.” 


Design Sheetmetal (DSM) operates 24 hours a day six days a week to custom fabricate and deliver over 250 steel product orders daily. Enprise collaborated with inventory software specialist The RIC Group to design and deliver customised automated warehouse management, using MYOB EXO Business plus tailored barcoding and delivery management modules. DSM now saves two hours each day locating stock and orders in progress. Staff can see where any order sits in the production schedule, saving phone time and giving customers instant answers. Improved stock management allows DSM to predict and avoid shortfalls, smoothing workflow and increasing the percentage of on-time deliveries. Automation has enhanced forecasting, budgeting and production tracking; and reporting is fast and easy.

Business benefits

  • 2 hours saved each day locating stock and orders in progress
  • Full visibility of any order in the production schedule
  • Orders keyed in 30% faster
  • Improved reporting, including drill-down capability
  • Run management system optimises delivery routes
  • Next delivery always on top of the truck
  • Ability to predict stock shortfalls improves forward planning.

Key outcomes

  • Customised, automated, easy-to-use system
  • Automation saves time, reduces errors
  • Improved workflow
  • Greater staff accountability
  • Fast, relevant reporting
  • Faster service, more accurate advice
  • More on-time deliveries
  • Accurate budgeting and production tracking.

Download the Design Sheetmetal case study (PDF 114 KB)

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