Fiber Fresh Feeds Limited, Enprise customer

Enprise created new contact fields inside Exo to enable Fiber Fresh Feeds to track and manage customers buying product from third party retailers.

Fiber Fresh Feeds Limited is a world-leading producer of advanced fibre nutrition for horses and calves. It manages all stages of the product supply chain, including growing, harvesting, manufacturing, marketing and selling. The company employs around 50 staff and exports to a growing number of countries including the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan

Fiber Fresh has gone live with Exo Financials and Payroll in a project that took two months from start to completion. Its legacy system could not hold information on the final consumer, something that was essential for Fiber Fresh. The company sells its animal feed products through the retail networks of stockists such as RD1, Farmlands/CRT and PGG Wrightson.

“We use third party stores as our point of sale, but we directly market and sell to our own customers,” says Fiber Fresh Production and Research Manager, Matt Bell.

“We need to track and manage our end customers, who buy from a range of stock food retailers up and down the country. Exo out of the box could not do all we wanted, so Enprise customised the product to suit us.”

Enprise configured Exo so that the retail stores were Fibre Fresh customers, then created new contact fields for end customers. A retail chain such as PGG Wrightson, for example, has multiple contacts assigned for each store, with each contact an individual end customer.

“It’s always difficult trying to make a new product match up with your old records, but Enprise handled it well,” Matt Bell says.

“We chose Enprise because they built the Exo software and so know more about it than anyone else. This fitted with our ethos, because we know our own product inside out too. Local support was also important, and Enprise delivers this.”

Fiber Fresh looked at other accounting software, but chose EXO for business fit and easy integration with its other SQL-based software. Fibre Fresh plans to use Enprise to implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software this year.

“The retail stores handle end client transactions and walk in sales – our sales reps are out on the road building relationships and making sales to the end clients,” Matt Bell says.

“We have 16 reps on the road and we need to integrate them more tightly into the rest of the organisation. They will be able to place orders and access customer information as they travel, which will help them to do their jobs better. Tracking and managing the company’s own intellectual property is another key reason we will implement CRM. We don’t want to lose a customer relationship just because a sales rep leaves. New sales reps will also benefit from the information held on individual customers, which will help them to pick up a new sales round smoothly.

“We also need an Electronic Data Interface for some of our big customers and we will use Enprise to roll that out this year too.”

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