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Ullrich Aluminium is a successfully run business, but many disparate support systems had made back-office processes and procedures more complicated than they needed to be.

Growth had seen the company’s product range explode to more than 14,000 aluminium products of all shapes and sizes, 17 retail and distribution centres, seven manufacturing locations, a division dedicated to export with another in the pipeline and over 330 staff around New Zealand.

The clear message from Wayne Curran, Chief Information and Financial Officer, was “give me a simple system that will enable my staff to work the same way at the office as they do at home. They shouldn’t have to stress about learning to use a complex business system, it should be a simple extension of what they use at home.” Wayne wanted the system to mimic the way Ullrich users needed to perform tasks rather than change the way they do things to meet technical requirements.

The business goals

Although Ullrich is, in itself, a reasonably complex collection of back-office systems, processes and procedures Wayne is quite clear about how the company wanted to interact with customers. The front-office customer experience of Ullrich must be simple, quick and keep them coming back.

Ullrich needed a single source of customer information that would improve customer service levels right across the business. Requirements included end-to-end integration; simplicity of use; analysis and reporting that informed marketing and finance; and automation of manual tasks and procedures across several critical areas – including sales, manufacturing, distribution and customer contact.

Enprise and the MYOB Exo platform were chosen over larger, more costly solutions traditionally associated with enterprises of Ullrich’s size. Enprise clearly demonstrated its understanding of the business requirements, and a joint project team focused attention on simplifying business life for Ullrich, immediately and into the future.

POS integrated with financials and distribution

Using the MYOB Exo point of sale module, the manual system was automated and fully integrated with financials and distribution. This meant a transaction need only be entered once, instead of double and triple handling orders, invoices and receipts. This was a major improvement.

Fast information

Ullrich project coordinator Margaret Cleal explains how other business processes have improved.

“The major benefit is around how much faster and easier it is for people to get the information they need to service customers. All customer information is right there. From point of sale, our full inventory is visible on the system. We can now commission manufacturing products, or coordinate ex-inventory supply. It’s easy to place the order, track delivery and produce invoices,” she says.

Fast customer service

Customer response times have also improved. “[Users can] run multiple sessions which is a huge advantage for us. If a salesperson is working on a customer quote when a new customer enquiry comes in they can keep their work going in one window, service the new enquiry in another window and then resume the session.”

Customer service has noticeably improved. Margaret says the new system went live with few problems.

“Moving from the old system to the new MYOB Exo system was a giant leap, but it was achieved without major disruption to
the business.”

MYOB Exo is working the way Ullrich expected it to and Margaret concedes that they didn’t really appreciate how much the old system was holding back the business until the new system was implemented.


Ullrich Aluminium manufactures, exports and distributes aluminium to trade and retail for various commercial and residential applications. Whilst a successfully run business, many disparate support systems had made back-office processes and procedures more complicated than they needed to be. Ullrich needed to modernise, automate and streamline all processes and branches into a simple single source system accessible to all users and branches, improve customer service and response times and ensure it had the systems in place to accommodate future growth. MYOB Exo helped achieve this with significant improvements right across the board.

Business benefits

  • Integration of back and front office functions
  • Automation of previously manual processes
  • Simplicity of use for users
  • Single source enterprise-wide system
  • Real time accessibility of information
  • Improvement in customer service response times.

Key outcomes

  • Significant business efficiencies and simpler business environment
  • Well positioned to leverage current systems for future growth.

Download the Ullrich Aluminium case study (PDF 116 KB)

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