Trans-Tasman project pays off for Brand Developers

Trans-Tasman project pays off for Brand Developers

'As seen on TV' company Brand Developers has used Enprise to implement and support a trans-Tasman Exo install, cutting the time needed to produce consolidated reporting by 80% and processing large incoming orders 90% faster.

Brand Developers Limited is a direct marketing, import and distribution company that is the Australasian version of The Shopping Channel. The company uses Exo to produce consolidated financial reporting across Australia and New Zealand.

Brand Developers needed a trans-Tasman Exo partner that could deliver seamless implementation and support services across both countries.

“Our number one concern was ease of transition,” says Chief Financial Officer Darryl Jhinku.

“We looked for the smoothest and easiest transition and Enprise gave us that. We had to cleanse our data and Enprise did a good job of getting our history from MYOB Premier into Exo. That made it easy for us and we went live on the first day. The Enprise team has been outstanding. They are always willing to help sort out any problems and they are always available. We lost no sales or processing time during our implementation. We were worried about disruptions to sending goods to large customers, but in fact we functioned well over the migration period. We went live and migrated all our data over a weekend. Enprise was realistic – we wanted to go live at Christmas but Enprise made sure we waited until we were ready. It was good joint planning that resulted in no surprises. Enprise spent a lot of time testing and in training our staff, which paid dividends in a trouble free go-live,” says Darryl Jhinku.

To enable consolidated reporting Enprise wrote reports for each country and each department. Brand Developers is using Halo for sales reporting.

“We report every day by sales, by product and by customer. Producing these reports used to take three to four hours – now it takes 30 minutes,” Darryl Jhinku says.

Brand Developers has introduced automation in two main areas – incoming orders and stock system updates. Enprise managed integration to EDI (Electronic Data Interface) partners in Australia and New Zealand, automating incoming orders from large retailers such as Farmers. This has reduced duplicate entries and reduced the time taken to process large orders by more than 90%.

“Automation of incoming orders saves time and improves accuracy. It used to take us half a day to process an incoming order from a large customer – now it takes 20 minutes and the increased accuracy means customers get the right products more often. Exo gets information from the internal stocking system, so staff know what they can promise and what they can’t,” Darryl Jhinku says.

Enprise has automated updates of Brand Developers’ stock system when orders are processed for the wholesale division. These were previously done manually and took a staff member one full day a week to batch process. Updates now occur every 30 minutes or one hour. They can also be updated manually by pressing a button. The more frequent updates mean stocking information is always up to date and accurate.

“From the accounting side our new system has much better control. The transactions have more integrity so we provide a better quality of data to our auditors. Bringing historical data into Exo means we could run all of our reports out of Exo as soon as we went live,” says Darryl Jhinku.

Enprise is providing Brand Developers with ongoing support in both Australia and New Zealand.

“Enprise’s Australian office supported our go-live there one week after New Zealand. That went pretty smoothly as well. We now get support by phone or email, with onsite support as needed,” Darryl Jhinku says.

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Reason 5: With Enprise, you get MYOB Exo from the people that invented it. 

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