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As far as ‘business carnage’ goes this horror story is as bad as it gets – but fortunately it has a happy ending.

Imagine you’ve employed a small army of highly skilled professionals and spent a truck-load of money on what you thought was a state-of-the-art system, from who you thought was the ‘industry leader’, only to end up almost crashing and burning your business in outstanding technological failure. Sound Familiar? 

Global wine and spirit importer and distributor Glengarry Hancocks found themselves in exactly this position after proudly announcing to the world’s international liquor brand owners that with the installation of a “new enterprise resource package [Glengarry] is poised to take advantage of modern technology and will be able to expand [its] business in the future.” As far as Jak Jakicevich, Executive Chairman of Glengarry was concerned, ‘never a truer lie was spoken’.

The challenge

The need to competitively position Glengarry as the preferred choice of the world’s top international wine and spirit brand owners was absolutely imperative since importing and distributing the world’s top wine and spirit brands is Glengarry’s core business activity.

Within a few days of a go-live process that was more like a ‘root-canal’ without anaesthetic it became clear that what Glengarry thought they were getting and what was delivered were poles apart. Jak conceded they were sustaining losses since “we had no visibility of what was happening – we were sailing without a compass”. After a swift and extensive review of all the systems available the decision was made to implement MYOB Exo. There were several key factors that played a part in this life-saving decision.

Business continuity

MYOB Exo presented users with a simple and familiar environment which meant little training time, and the Enprise team could demonstrate a good understanding of Glengarry business requirements. These factors made Glengarry’s management team confident that MYOB Exo would take away their pain by delivering everything they needed within a very tight timeframe, thus ensuring they could get back on track as quickly as possible, with the least amount of disruption to the business.

Salvation in six weeks

In fact, from development to implementation and go-live was a fast six weeks and all business requirements were met. This was a breath of fresh air and relief for Jak and his management team who could now confidently resume management of the business in a professional manner.

20/20 vision

After 18 months in the dark MYOB Exo successfully dragged Glengarry back out into the light of day by restoring management confidence and 20/20 visibility of the business – in the tightest of timeframes. Enprise’s ‘extra mile’ effort didn’t go unnoticed. Jak enthusiastically conveys his gratitude to the Enprise team, “This achievement and the support [we’ve received] have not been taken lightly by us, we very much appreciate and value all the Enprise team efforts”.

Bright future

Armed with the right system and tools, management could forge ahead with some catch-up development and enhancements, further leveraging MYOB Exo as the business continued to grow.

There’s no doubt in Jak’s mind that had it not been for the timely intervention of MYOB EXO, bringing the business back from the brink would have been ‘touch and go’. Fortunately, this story has
a happy ending. Future planning at Glengarry commenced immediately and continues in earnest today.


Glengarry Hancocks is an international importer and distributor of the world’s top wine and spirit brands with over 16 outlets around the country. The system it had purchased ‘in good faith’ was not what it purported to be and quickly began to compromise management’s ability to make decisions with little, if any, visibility of the business as it was happening.

The timely intervention of MYOB Exo restored visibility in six weeks, after 18 months in the dark, with little disruption to business continuity.

Of most business value

  • High visibility of daily business operations
  • Business continuity
  • Fast development, implementation and go-live
  • Ongoing support.

Key outcomes

  • Clear and present view of the day-to-day business operations after 18 months in the dark
  • Confidence in the future, and in the ability to undertake further development and enhancement as the business grows, has been restored.

Download the full Glengarry case study (PDF 116 KB)

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