Clothing company finds MYOB Exo a perfect fit

Toorallie Australia finds Enprise and MYOB Exo a perfect fit

A colour/size matrix for fashion company Toorallie Australia – designed by Enprise as part of a new MYOB Exo implementation – has speeded up data entry by 90% and enabled a faster, richer experience for end customers.

Toorallie Australia designs, manufactures and sells woollen garments using its own bespoke fabrics. The company has around 350 wholesale accounts in Australia and New Zealand. It also retails garments through its physical store in Melbourne and sells online to a global audience through its own website.

Toorallie needed a new accounting system with specific functionality to handle the size and colour requirements of the clothing industry. The company began its search by evaluating software products that had been purpose-designed for the fashion industry. It didn’t like what it found.

“We needed an industry-specific solution, but all of the fashion-oriented software we looked at had the same issues: it was expensive, small-scale, boutique software that still required a separate purchase of financial software,” says Toorallie Australia Managing Director Steve Smith.

“MYOB Exo offered a mainstream product at a much better price point, and it’s an all-in-one product that includes financials,” he says.

A customised industry-specific ERP solution

Enprise customised Toorallie Australia’s implementation to make it specific to the fashion industry.

“Mark Loveys and Enprise were able to customise MYOB Exo to our business, including adding a colour/size matrix that has speeded up our data entry by 90%,” Steve Smith says.

“The difference it has made to our stock visibility and reporting is huge. With our old system we used to get a line sheet of SKUs and our stock list could be 100 pages long. We have so many different products that when they are written down as a list your eyes can’t make sense of all the information.”

To respond to a customer enquiry about whether a particular product colour or size was in stock, Toorallie used to have to search through its multi-page stock list. Even then, the search would result only in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer as to availability.

The new colour/size matrix gives Toorallie the ability to group styles, colours and sizes in a grid format. It can now see at a glance what colors and sizes it has in stock.

“We can see all products lined up against their peers as opposed to producing lists that run to many pages,” Steve Smith says.

Improved customer experience

“This has proved to be a very useful selling tool. It has directly improved our customer service levels because when a customer asks if we have a product in their size or preferred colour, two things now occur differently. First, we no longer have to scan a long list – we can see at a glance what the correct answer is, so the customer gets a very quick response. Second, we can now answer in a much more detailed and helpful way. We can say ‘no, that product is not available in blue but it’s available in black’. We can say ‘yes, it’s available in blue but did you know your size is also available in black and red?’ Our new ability to understand a large volume of complex and detailed SKU data at a glance is enabling us to give our customers a better buying experience.”

Toorallie Australia plans to implement the size/colour matrix into its new website. This will enable shoppers to see and understand at a glance what sizes, colours and stock is available.

“Online shoppers will be able to upsell to themselves,” Steve Smith says. “We’re excited about the effect this will have in boosting our online sales channel. We’re planning to build reporting on this matrix. We’re also going to integrate online sales and payments, which will automate what is currently a manual system.

The sky's the limit

“Our experience is that the ability to customise MYOB EXO is only limited by your desire and budget. Mark Loveys and the Enprise team were able to customise our system to suit us – for example, we’ve just created a report on sales commissions that displays payments by customer and cash receipts. The new system is working really well for us. We feel like the sky’s the limit now for our company.”

Enprise is providing ongoing system support. Toorallie draws on a blend of onsite and remote support, as required.


When clothing designer and manufacturer Toorallie Australia needed a new Enterprise Resource Planning system, it began by evaluating software specifically designed for the clothing industry. It found only expensive, small-scale, boutique software that also required a separate purchase of financial software. Toorallie opted for MYOB Exo because Enprise could customise it to fit unique fashion industry requirements; and because it’s a well-priced mainstream product that includes financials.

Enprise customised and implemented MYOB Exo for Toorallie Australia, adding a colour/size matrix that has speeded up data entry by 90%. The new colour/size matrix is also a potent sales tool that is enabling better customer service. Gone is the 100-page list of stock keeping units. In its place is the grid matrix, which groups styles, colours and sizes in a form the human eye can take in at a glance. Customers get instant answers to stock enquiries. They can now also be offered helpful information such as alternative styles and colours in their size. The new grid matrix is being rolled out to Toorallie’s website, enabling online shoppers to up-sell to themselves and enriching the entire online shopping experience.

Business benefits

  • Data entry is 90% faster
  • Stock visibility at a glance
  • Colour/size matrix saves staff time and improves customer experience
  • Customised reporting as needed
  • Mix of onsite and remote support as needed.

Key outcomes

  • Faster, richer customer service experience
  • Online customers will upsell to themselves
  • Fashion industry-specific customisations to an all-in-one product
  • Further gains to come.

Download the Toorallie Australia case study (PDF 261 KB)

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