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Booster is one of the six Government appointed default KiwiSaver Scheme providers and an investment manager with over 130,000 investors across Kiwisaver, Superannuation and Investment Schemes.


Booster was using a server-based payroll system that was causing a lot of extra work for payroll staff. The payroll system lacked leave functionality, so Booster had to run two separate systems - one for payroll and one for employees to load leave.  It then had to manually load leave into the payroll system. This was time consuming for both the payroll employee to load, and for the approvers to check. These workarounds were time consuming, and the manual processes allowed human error to creep in.

Staff didn’t know their leave balances and had to ask payroll staff, taking up time on both sides. Some staff were keeping their own leave records. Payroll staff had to manually reconcile the payroll system with General Ledger. Booster is a growing business, but each additional staff member meant more manual work, so growth was not frictionless.

Natalie Tat, Corporate Accountant, Booster



“Now we can grow the business more easily without stressing payroll staff.”

Natalie Tat, Corporate Accountant, Booster



Kilimanjaro, part of the listed Enprise Group, implemented the brand-new MYOB Advanced Payroll (formerly known as MYOB Advanced People) module. At the time of implementation MYOB had not yet officially taken the new product to market - Kilimanjaro worked closely with MYOB to achieve a successful early access implementation.

Kilimanjaro had already implemented MYOB Advanced Business at Booster, so the choice of MYOB Advanced Payroll was an easy one. MYOB Advanced Payroll is a module of MYOB Advanced Business, integrating tightly with existing systems and giving Booster a single view of the business. Kilimanjaro trained Booster’s payroll staff to use the new system. Post go-live, they now deliver unlimited support. Booster has now green-lighted a project to implement Time Cards. Part of the Expense module, this replaces paper time sheets with digital time cards that integrate with Payroll and calculate leave automatically.  

Natalie Tat, Corporate Accountant, Booster



“MYOB Advanced Payroll is cutting payroll administration time by between a third and a half.”

Natalie Tat, Corporate Accountant, Booster



MYOB Advanced Payroll’s integrated employee self service module enables Booster’s 120 staff members to view their own leave balances, request leave, access payslips and view/update some of the personal information captured in payroll. This has taken a substantial workload off payroll staff. A digital approval process for managers further speeds up and streamlines the granting of leave. 

Automation reduces the time taken to load leave and removes  the possibility of human error. Advice given to staff is always accurate.  Reporting and compliance are now automated, replacing time-consuming manual processes. 2-factor authentication makes the new cloud-based system much more secure than the old server-based system.


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  • Manual management of payroll
  • Only payroll staff access leave requests & balances
  • Additional employees add to payroll workload
  • Paper processes


  • Automation saves time & prevents errors
  • Staff self service
  • Frictionless growth
  • Digital processes

Key benefits

Booster has used MYOB Advanced Payroll with MYOB Advanced Business to get a highly secure, cloud-based ‘single pane of glass’ view of its entire business. Payroll administration time has been cut by up to half. The interactive nature of MYOB Advanced Payroll enables employees to make their own leave requests, check leave balances, view payslips and update selected payroll information. This has freed up payroll staff, who were having to perform all these functions.

Manager self-service functions have streamlined digital management of leave approvals. Automation has reduced the possibility for human error, with direct integration replacing the need for manual calculation and re-keying. Payroll staff no longer have to do manual jourmals or reconcile Payroll with General Ledger. Booster is free to successfully grow its business without extra work and stress for the payroll team.

One Company – One Team – One Brand

Kilimanjaro Consulting and Enprise Solutions operate as “One Company – One Team – One Brand”. Both are owned and operated by the listed company Enprise Group (NZX:ENS). Enprise Solutions is MYOB’s number one partner in New Zealand, Kilimanjaro is MYOB’s number one partner in Australia. We are trusted local suppliers, offering licensing flexibility, easy in/easy out flexibility, upgrading flexibility, local support and local hosting. Choose us to remove risk from your project and ensure ‘gold standard’ support over the long haul.

5 good reasons to choose Enprise

Reason 1: Gold standard service and support. 

Reason 2: Cloud options for every piece of software we sell.

Reason 3: The largest MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo partner in Australasia, with dedicated sales, implementation & support teams.

Reason 4: A wide range of proven companion products from trusted partners. 

Reason 5: With Enprise, you get MYOB Exo from the people that invented it. 

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