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Companies don’t come more diverse than Marsden Maritime Holdings. They’re managing tenants on their industrial land, developing property, operating a marina precinct at Marsden Cove and running a share milking operation on their farmland. They also needed more from their reporting than your average organisation. MYOB Advanced offered an unprecedented level of integration, which delivered improved reporting and time savings.


No integration, limited reporting

Over the last few years, Marsden Maritime has been expanding and growing, with a focus on diversification. A publicly listed company and majority owned by the Northland Regional Council, the company also owns and operates Marsden Cove Marina, which includes a boatyard operation, and has finished a number of successful construction projects on their nearby industrial land. That they did this while using a custom-built, legacy financial management system makes this feat even more impressive.

As financial controller Gavin Carroll explains, the company needed robust, supported finance software that would contribute to their growth, rather than holding it back.

“It was old. It was antiquated, with little functionality. There was also only one person in New Zealand who knew how it worked. If something happened to her, we’d have been in trouble.”

Report writing was very limited in the old system, something that cost the company dearly.

“Customisation was difficult, so it meant long hours creating reports in Excel, and there was also a risk of human error with that too,” explains Gavin.


Perfect-fit functionality makes everything faster and easier

Advanced had functionality that seemed to fit Marsden perfectly. With a cloud-based solution Gavin’s small team would avoid large capital expenditure, while future-proofing themselves.

“It means we’re not tied into hardware that we’d have to maintain and would eventually become obsolete,” says Gavin. “Now were always at the forefront of technology. MYOB Advanced fits the team now, but it’s easy to scale without any capital investment. We can just grow.”

With large developments being a major part of Marsden’s business, having real-time tracking of project costs has made things “faster and easier." Advanced can easily handle the many projects,which each need their revenue and costs tracked separately. This used to be done manually – now it goes straight into the system. “As soon as the invoices come in they’re tracked so you know where you are, instead of getting a surprise at month’s end. If you have timely information, you have better decision making,” he explains.

Working with MYOB business partner Enprise Solutions, Gavin says the implementation process was “really well managed.” “They took the time upfront to scope and think about how our processes could be improved to fit. That really paid off – we were in a good position when we flicked the switch,” he explains. “Enprise also built a simple integration with the company’s marina management system." Other than that, Advanced suited Marsden Maritime straight from the box. “We asked for a few tweaks to reports, but that was it,” says Gavin.


Reporting alone saves two working days a month

Gavin most enjoys MYOB Advanced’s flexibility in reporting and is impressed with how well the report writer integrates with Excel and other tools. “We’ve never had that before,” he says. “It probably saved two working days in a monthly cycle and requires far less manual formatting. It’s definitely reduced the complexity of spreadsheets.”

This improved reporting has also given him and his team more timely access to information. “It means you have a lot more oversight of what’s going on as it’s happening, so we can make better decisions,” says Gavin.

The real benefit, as far as he’s concerned, is in the integration – it’s simplified the management of all the varied areas of the business, from managing inventory in their fuel station to keeping tabs on payroll and marina tenants’ rent payments.

Gavin has been working with MYOB Advanced for a few years now, and is still impressed, both with the tool, and with the support his team continues to receive from Enprise.

“If we had to do it over, we would go with Advanced again. We’re happy – and I think my team would say that, too,” says Gavin.

With the business likely to grow ever more complex, Gavin’s now interested in how BI could help deliver even more comprehensive real-time reporting and performance measurement. He also sees scope in making Advanced more widely available within the business, and using more of its functionality. “There’s also a lot of functionality in the system that we haven’t delved into yet.”

Enprise’s experience in integrating MYOB Advanced with existing systems helped ensure a smooth implementation, says Enprise Group CEO, Elliot Cooper. “A no-hassle implementation and expert ongoing support is something every customer needs, and we’re committed to keep delivering for Marsden Maritime,” he says.


  • Unsupported system put company at risk of significant downtime
  • No integration required hours of manual data manipulation
  • Limited reporting left no room for customisation
  • Data was always outdated and potentially incorrect


  • Cloud-hosting offered a scalable, supported solution
  • Significant time savings with full integration
  • Easily customisable reports deliver timely data, more oversight and better decision making
  • Project tracking module easily handles development complexity
  • Excellent implementation that came in on budget


This case study was produced by MYOB, in collaboration with Enprise.


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