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Positively Wellington Tourism has cut in half the time to process invoices from tourism operators following a highly effective MYOB Exo integration project carried out by Enprise’s Wellington office.

Positively Wellington Tourism (PWT) operates the official Wellington i-SITE visitor information and travel centre, which is part of New Zealand’s official Visitor Information Network. PWT operates a seven-counter visitor information centre in downtown Wellington as part of the i-SITE system. Staff help tourists with information and bookings for activities and accommodation New Zealand-wide. There are 90 such visitor centres around the country.

PWT has integrated MYOB Exo with its Point of Sale system, called Ibis. Staff at the i-SITE centre use Ibis to effect tourists bookings and payments for New Zealand travel, accommodation and events. The service enables tourists to advance book and pay for hotels or activities. Instead of paying a bungy operator directly for example, a tourist can book and pay using i-SITE, and receive a voucher to hand to the operator when they make their bungy jump.

The operator then redeems the voucher by sending it to PWT. When a voucher is received for payment, Positively Wellington Tourism staff go into Ibis to see the original voucher, and tag it within the Ibis system. This records that the customer has redeemed the voucher. PWT now pays the invoice from the tourism operator. This generates a file to be imported into MYOB Exo.

Using the old manual process, staff had to look at the tourism operator’s invoice, match it up with the voucher inside Ibis, then send all invoices to the accounts department to be manually entered into the accounting system. This process was done daily. With around 1000 invoices received from tourism operators each month, administration time was substantial.

The new automated system is a dramatic improvement. Once the voucher match has been made within Ibis, it’s no longer necessary to manually key the tourism operator’s invoice into MYOB Exo. Ibis generates the invoice file and MYOB Exo sucks it in. This has halved the administrative time it takes to finalise payments for tourism operators.

“Before, we had to work much harder to process payments in a timely way,” says PWT Finance Manager Leigh Cowan. “The new system at least halves the time involved and also reduces the potential for handling errors. It’s a major improvement.”

To achieve this reduction PWT uses a utility that imports the invoices directly into MYOB Exo without rekeying. The ‘importer’ validates all information before importing. This makes it much easier to import data into MYOB Exo.

The importer is a generic product that any organisation can use to import transactions into MYOB Exo. It is suitable not just for invoices, but also sales or purchase orders, new customer details or supplier details.

The importer can be scheduled to run any time the customer chooses – every five minutes for example. It will only import validated data. It generates an exception report to enable checking of anything that does not get imported. It completes processing of all validated data, so one error will not hold up the batch.

The importer was originally designed to bring supplier invoices into MYOB Exo, but customers can also use it to generate their own invoices. The importer gives businesses the ability to import from a file to generate customer invoices inside MYOB Exo.

The Enprise solution is suitable for any business with its own specialised front end system – for example a billing or membership system – where an automated process is required to transfer invoices and other data in the accounting system.

Leigh Cowan says Positively Wellington Tourism receives fast, local, onsite support from Enprise. “When a couple of issues arose with transferring MYOB Exo to new computers – Enprise Wellington Manager Peter Chung just popped over and fixed them,” she says. “I’m very happy with the speed and standard of the service we are getting.”


An Enprise MYOB Exo integration project has halved the time it takes for Positively Wellington Tourism (PWT) to process and pay invoices from tourism operators. The project has slashed administration time and effort for PWT, reduced handling errors and improved cashflow for tourism operators by paying their invoices twice as quickly.

To achieve this, Enprise developed a utility that imports the invoices directly into MYOB Exo without rekeying. The Enprise solution is suitable for any business with its own specialised front end system – for example a billing or membership system – where an automated process is required to transfer invoices or any other data in the accounting system.

Business benefits

  • Time taken to process invoices cut in half
  • Automated processes replace manual ones
  • Reduced potential for error
  • Fast, local, onsite support

Key outcomes

Positively Wellington Tourism has halved the administrative time and effort it takes to process payments for tourism operators. The automation of previously manual processes means the organisation no longer has to work hard to process its invoices in a timely way. Handling errors have also reduced. Tourism operators receive payments twice as quickly as before, improving their cash fl ow and ensuring voucher payments for tourism activities are attractive for all stakeholders.


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