One ERP system to rule them all for Scanpower

Scanpower, Enprise customer

Enprise took just two months to customise and implement MYOB Exo Business, MYOB Exo Job Costing and MYOB Exo Payroll for electricity network supplier Scanpower, giving the company centralised management and reporting across eight very different business lines.

Electricity distribution is Scanpower’s core business, but in recent times the company has developed new business divisions, opened new branch offices and quadrupled staff numbers. Scanpower now has eight lines of business including power line contracting, plumbing and electrical, meter reading, tree felling and cold storage.

Each business line has unique billing requirements, and runs its own profit and loss centre. Scanpower’s cold storage business line, for example, sees it hold, store and export 5000 tonnes of frozen meat annually. This service is billed on a tonnage and occupancy basis. The company’s plumbing and electrical business line bills on a time and materials basis. Each business line also has unique reporting requirements.

Scanpower wanted a single, centralised, automated and easy-to-use system that would give it visibility across all the business divisions as a whole, or separately. It wanted to simplify reporting, and institutionalise disparate information that had traditionally been tracked manually.

“We needed one ERP system to manage everything - something that was priced realistically, but capable of managing a reasonably complex company,” says CEO Lee Bettles.

Enprise account manager Peter Chung worked with Lee Bettles and Scanpower’s accountant to install the implementation of MYOB Exo Business, MYOB Exo Job Costing and MYOB Exo Payroll. Enprise provided full staff training and designed the General Ledger to accommodate Scanpower’s eight different business lines.

Peter’s accounting background added value for Scanpower, Lee Bettles says.

“Anyone can sell software, but it’s the real business and accounting issues that are important. Deciding how Job Costing interfaces with General Ledger – those are the sorts of issues Peter made sure he understood from the ground up. He gave us advice and options.”

The November go-live was close to Christmas, Lee Bettles says they were confident enough in Enprise to go ahead: “We could have waited until the New Year but we chose to just go for it – and we haven’t regretted it.”

Ongoing support

Enprise delivers webinars, customised training on demand and a responsive service centre.

“We needed that service assurance. We value the security of being aligned with a widely-distributed and supported product, while smaller players come and go,” Lee Bettles says.

Financial and intangible savings

The system has changed the way Scanpower operates. All data is now stored in a big SQL database and can be viewed however the company needs to see it, including by person, by job number, job type and profit by job type. The usability of the system has made information easily retrievable, and users access data as they need it. Scanpower has made ‘significant’ savings in both time and cost as a result, Lee Bettles says.

“The savings are both financial and intangible. We now build standard quoting kits that have resulted in quicker pricing and fewer errors. Job Costing lets us report labour utilisation rates by employee and view chargeable hours vs. total hours for each person - this helps us to get staffing levels right,” he says.

Complete job visibility

Scanpower has complete visibility across the 500 to 600 jobs it does every month.  The ability to analyse the cost, revenue and profit of any job has enabled Scanpower to hone its project management to a fine edge.

“We can ensure we’re getting our job pricing exactly right, and have reaped significant financial benefit from this,” Lee says.

The system allows Scanpower to easily view one business division, or the whole company. Real -time information, available at the push of a button, is driving high quality decision making at Scanpower.

Lee Bettles says he’s happy with the outcomes. “The new system has been very well accepted within the organisation, even though we had many employees who had only used the old system,” he says. “When people see the benefits they come on board quickly.”


Electricity distributor Scanpower Limited has eight operating divisions that span power line contracting, plumbing and electrical, meter reading, tree felling and cold storage. Each division books different types of evenue, and has unique billing and reporting requirements. Each division has its own profit and loss centre, although Scanpower files a single GST/VAT return across the whole business.

Scanpower needed ‘one ERP system to rule them all’. It chose Enprise to deliver and support a single centralised Exo implementation to manage its eight very different business lines. Real-time information is contained in a single SQL database accessible to all users. Scanpower can now analyse the cost, revenue and profit of each of the 500-plus jobs it does each month. It has visibility across all business divisions
as a whole, as well as separately. Enprise delivered training as part of the project: the fully -automated system has gained easy acceptance with users.

Business benefits

  • Invoice by time/materials/occupancy/ tonnage
  • Analyse cost/revenue/profit of any job
  • Unique, real time reporting for each business division
  • Faster quotes, fewer errors
  • Easy user acceptance.

Key outcomes

  • Single centralised, automated, easy-to-use system
  • ‘Significant’ financial and intangible benefits
  • Visibility across whole business, or any part
  • Reporting drives further time and cost savings
  • Staffing levels optimised.

Download the full Scanpower case study (PDF 125 KB)

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