Jamie Hunt, Anzor Fasteners, Enprise Customer

Anzor Fasteners Ltd always has the right stock on the shelf for its customers, and has kept a reduced purchasing team even as the business grows - thanks to an enhanced forecast-based purchase ordering system inside MYOB EXO delivered by Enprise.

Anzor imports and distributes stainless steel fasteners and hardware including nuts, bolts, marine hardware and other stainless fittings. The company has six branches around New Zealand, and supplies industrial users as well as resellers. With a total of 40 users on the system since 2001, Anzor has heavily customised the system since its implementation, and utilises it for debtors, creditors, purchasing, finance and sales in conjunction with inventory.

What the customer wants, when they want it

The ability to supply the stock that the customer wants - when they want it - is critical to the company's success, says Joint CEO Jamie Hunt.

"The speed at which we can get the product in the hands of our customers is one of our key performance indicators" he says.

“We say that our aim is to ‘supply fasteners fast’. We do that by carefully controlling our inventory so that we never run out. Our ability to always supply exactly what’s required keeps our customers really happy.”

Anzor installed EXO in 2001, and has 40 users. The company uses EXO extensively throughout the business for managing debtors, creditors, purchasing, finance and sales in addition to inventory.

Customisation adds extra value

Anzor has customised the system heavily since the initial implementation. One customisation in particular adds a lot of value for Anzor: EXO contains a standard purchase order facility for forecasting stock orders. This normally looks at static stock requirement levels, which are fixed and do not account for changes in demand. Enprise created a utility that drives forecast-based purchase orders based on changes in demand, ensuring Anzor always holds the correct inventory. The Enprise utility calculates how much stock to order, and when, enabling Anzor to source more product in time to meet demand.

“Having everything customers need on the shelf is critical,” says Jamie Hunt.

"The Enprise utility means we always have the right stock, and can react quickly to changes in demand. We can also continue growing without the need for more staff, as we now have to run only a small purchasing team. In our purchasing team we have one to two less full time staff than would otherwise be needed, and yet we can react much more quickly to changes in demand," says Jamie.

Speedy SQL reporting

Speedy reporting to its customers is another strong point of difference for Anzor.

"We email invoices and statements every morning, so our customers get the information very quickly," says Jamie.

“Our internal reporting is also quite thorough. Exo runs on an SQL database, so you can use a million different tools to query that data. We opted for Clarity and Crystal Reports, and use Microsoft SQL Analysis Services and a data warehouse for sales and inventory analysis.”

The Enprise relationship

Jamie Hunt describes Anzor’s relationship with Enprise as ‘excellent’. “We have been doing business with Enprise for more than eight years now. They have highly skilled staff and exceptionally good programmers, who can do things others can’t do,” he says.

"Enprise is able to fix issues for us that others couldn't fix, and their customisations have made the system better for our business. The support team is strong and MYOB Exo is a great product. Enprise's database skills have been significant for us in terms of improving computing speed, and therefore operator speed and customer satisfaction."

Competitive advantage

The system, and its customisations, has meant that a low headcount could be maintained even through significant growth for the company, and still the ability to ensure stock is always available has created a healthy competitive advantage.

Jamie Hunt says that in his experience, most financial applications are hard to adjust. He draws a sharp contrast with Exo.

“Exo allows huge modifications – it’s ‘out of the box’ but it doesn’t box you in,” he says. “We are a heavily modified site, and those modifications have added significant value for us. The support we get from Enprise is excellent; it adds a lot of value for us and our customers. As an Exo support partner they are the best I’ve seen.”

Enprise is currently carrying out a further customisation project, integrating Anzor’s website with Exo to enable real time sales order collection. The website will be integrated with pricing and link directly into Exo. Orders entered will be getting picked and dispatched minutes later, ensuring customers get their goods as fast as possible. Jamie Hunt says Enprise has been instrumental in ‘creating a sophisticated and dynamic link between Exo and the website’. This gives online customers a service that is identical to those that buy at Anzor’s branches.


Anzor Fasteners rarely runs out of stock even when demand changes, thanks to an Enprise utility that drives forecast-based purchase orders from inside Exo. This has helped Anzor improve one of its key performance indicators: the speed at which it can get product into the hands of its customers. The ability to always supply exactly what a customer needs has proved to help it provide excellent service. At the same time, the company has been able to keep the headcount of its purchasing team low, saving up to two full time staff.

Anzor has customised its Exo system heavily since the initial implementation, and says Enprise’s ability to execute speedy, cost-effective modifications has added ‘huge value’ to the business. The company rates
Enprise as the best support partner it has found, and says Enprise has fixed issues that were not able to be fixed by other providers.

Business benefits

  • Correct stock always available
  • Easy to modify/customise/integrate system as business needs change
  • SQL database can be queried by huge range of reporting tools
  • Fast, local, onsite support.

Key outcomes

  • Purchasing team headcount kept low, saving up to two full time staff
  • Changes in demand don’t result in stock shortages
  • Strong competitive advantage in always having the right stock
  • Integration of website with Exo for real time sales order collection.

Download the Anzor Fasteners Case Study (PDF 116 KB)

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