Peter Graham, Auroz Pty Ltd, Enprise customer

Customer Auroz Pty Ltd says the quality of MYOB Exo support is critical. They should know.

Auroz Pty Ltd is a leading Australasian distributor of headsets and audio products, with a reseller channel covering office, contact centre, enterprise and unified communications. Auroz runs MYOB Exo Financials, Payroll and Inventory Manager.

When Auroz first implemented MYOB Exo, the provider substantially underquoted the implementation job.

“That was the beginning of a nightmare,” says Administration Manager Peter Graham.

“It cost far more than quoted and I actually ended up in hospital with pneumonia caused by the stress. For a number of years we were unhappy because the system didn’t work as advertised and the support was poor. We couldn’t get the issues resolved.”

Auroz found a new support partner, which worked for some years. Then Auroz grew hugely – it’s now four times bigger than when it first implemented Exo. Inventory management became critical.

“We changed to Enprise because of a major inventory problem our previous Exo support provider couldn’t fix,” Peter Graham says.

“12 months ago our inventory started to go crazy. It was a critical issue for us – we were shipping units twice and invoicing once. We were haemorrhaging stock. Our support provider couldn’t fix it. We talked to different people who said different things, ‘maybe try this or that’. A month later we’d be no further forward and the whole process would repeat itself. We lost confidence.

“When Enprise took over our support they fixed many things that had been niggling us. That was very telling. Exo support quality is absolutely critical.”

Auroz is on an unlimited support plan with Enprise.

“We won’t hesitate to call when we need something, issues won’t get lost and we’ll get better use out of Exo,” Peter Graham says.

“When Enprise took over our support they ran a site audit which uncovered a lot of little things. They fixed some long-term problems. For example, every time we upgraded Exo we lost inventory management functionality – the hierarchy of what is shipped and when ceased to function over time. Our old support provider said, ‘I don’t know’. Enprise fixed it. They also gave us a major fix relating to GST on imports which will make life much easier for me in the future.”

Enprise has made Auroz feel ‘very comfortable’, Peter Graham says.

“I like the way they work. If they keep it up we will have a partnership for a long time. The staff have been a real pleasure to deal with. I’ve also appreciated Enprise’s timely follow up to check that issues have been resolved to my satisfaction.

“Everything to do with Exo is sailing along smoothly at the moment.” 


Poor quality Exo support is the reason Auroz said its MYOB Exo system ‘Did not work as advertised’.

Gold standard support from Enprise is the reason the company now says ‘Everything to do with Exo is sailing along smoothly at the moment.’

To achieve this turnaround, Enprise applied its deep expertise in MYOB Exo to fix multiple long-standing problems. Auroz tried to get its previous support provider to fix the issues, but its support provider simply didn’t have the answers. This caused the company immense stress and directly affected profitability. Enprise fixed every problem, fast.

Business benefits

  • Inventory fix stopped Auroz ‘haemorrhaging stock’
  • Various long-term issues all resolved promptly
  • More profit
  • Exo finally works as advertised
  • Fast, expert, unlimited support.

Key outcomes

Auroz used an unlimited Enprise support plan to fix issues that had dogged its MYOB Exo system. One of the problems Enprise fixed was a persistent inventory error that saw Auroz shipping merchandise twice and invoicing once. This stopped the company from ‘haemorrhaging stock.’ Another fix resolved a long-term inventory management problem that was degrading the hierarchy of what was shipped and when. Enprise also implemented a major fix relating to GST on imports. Enprise support has contributed directly to Auroz’s profit and peace of mind.

Download the full Auroz case study (PDF 236KB)

5 good reasons to choose Enprise

Reason 1: Gold standard service and support. 

Reason 2: Cloud options for every piece of software we sell.

Reason 3: The largest MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo partner in Australasia, with dedicated sales, implementation & support teams.

Reason 4: A wide range of proven companion products from trusted partners. 

Reason 5: With Enprise, you get MYOB Exo from the people that invented it. 

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