Capes Medical grows productivity & profitability via automation

Capes Medical Supplies, Enprise Customer

Brand neutral medical distributor Capes Medical Supplies Ltd has used MYOB Exo to automate repetitive tasks and eliminate double handling, with growth now requiring 30% fewer resources.

Capes sources and distributes medical and dental equipment and products. It sells a range of over 40,000 products to a wide range of businesses including medical clinics, dental clinics, day surgeries, private surgeons, veterinarians, GPs, rest homes, tattooists and schools.

Capes was using an older DOS-based accounting system. This lacked the ‘default’ functionality of modern software, and had only rudimentary reporting capabilities. The company wanted to integrate all functions of the business onto a single platform, including customer orders, warehousing and delivery systems.


Capes considered various products and approaches – ranging from bolt-ons for its legacy system, cloud-based offerings and running software in-house on its own servers – before choosing Enprise and MYOB Exo.

“We like the idea of customisation to automate highly repetitive tasks, which is where MYOB Exo and Enprise are very strong,” says Capes Performance Manager Emil Verster.

Increased productivity

“We are using MYOB Exo to eliminate double handling. This strategy has significantly boosted our productivity as well as improving company morale. Our team are working comfortably and consistently, instead of having to over extend themselves for prolonged busy periods. The team thrive when they have time to do an accurate, high quality job. We are able to focus our resources elsewhere, yet our productivity has grown and will keep growing into the future – we are very excited by our ability to scale up our volumes.”

Capes has automated the capturing of much data. Customers will in the future be able to place their own orders which will enable a seamless system, with exceptions being dealt with through an in-house call centre.

Capes uses MYOB Exo to free its team to focus on customers and business development.

A better customer experience

“We concentrate on the customer experience, and let MYOB Exo do the ‘heavy lifting’ – the repetitious, high volume work - in the background,” Emil Verster says.

“We don’t compromise customer relationships, but we do want to use fewer resources to get a better return.”

Capes uses both standard and customised reporting. The creative use of dashboards reflects individual Key Performance Indicators. One example is how many quotes are supplied, the value of them, and the percentage that are converted into sales.

“Team energy and output are reflected in that dashboard. Giving team access to the dashboard motivates productivity and sales to rise for the business, and customers win because they associate increased service speed with quality,” says Emil Verster.

Boosting competitiveness

Capes has increased its competitiveness against larger players by using MYOB Exo to buy and manage stock. This strategy has reduced, by more than 30%, the extra resourcing needed to support growth in the business.

“It used to be that every time we created $1 million worth of business, we needed to hire three skilled people,” says Emil Verster.

“MYOB Exo has changed that equation for us. For $1 million of extra business we now only need two extra people, and one of those two can be lesser skilled than previously. We can now compete head-to-head with much bigger organisations, and we do it without having to hire extra team members. We also like the ‘bolt on’ tools that are available for MYOB Exo, such as Flow for our Electronic Data Interface. We can integrate with Hospitals and Government organisations accounting programmes. With MYOB Exo and Flow, it’s easy.

“In MYOB Exo we have a strong platform to improve and grow our business, with further customisation as required. We chose Enprise because they are the largest and most experienced MYOB Exo partner in New Zealand. They have provided direction and brought robust decision making. Our overall vision is in place. Looking to the future we will continue to implement innovative IT practices in order to grow.”


Medical importer and distributor Capes Medical Supplies has used the combination of MYOB Exo and Enprise to automate repetitive tasks, achieving what it describes as ‘steep’ growth in profitability. At the same time it has increased productivity, smoothed out spikes in its workload, improved and sped up customer service and boosted team morale. Growth now requires 30% fewer resources.

The company has integrated all parts of its business – including customer orders, warehousing and delivery systems – onto Exo. Enprise implemented Exo and customised it to get an excellent fit. Enprise also integrated Exo companion product ‘Flow’ to achieve an effective Electronic Data Interface for customers that prefer integration with their accounting systems.

Business benefits

  • Repetitive tasks automated
  • Double handling eliminated
  • Customers can in the future initiate the whole process
  • Only exceptions go to the Capes call centre.

Key outcomes

  • ‘Steep’ growth in profitability
  • Competitive against much larger companies
  • Growth requires 30% fewer resources
  • Increased productivity
  • Diminished workload
  • Staff freed up for customer service.

Download the Capes Medical Supplies case study (PDF 589 KB)

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