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Although business was good, a faithful but ageing DOS-based accounting system couldn’t provide the financial reporting needed by Obex – a thriving importer and distributor of specialist medical devices.

Founded in 1983, the company sells direct to hospitals, large clinics and specialists. Sales revenue has grown every year, and headcount has increased from two original founders to 26 people.

But financial and accounting systems had not kept pace. Although the DOS-based system had supported Obex admirably for fifteen years, it was unable to deliver the in-depth financial and reporting structure Obex needed. Workflow was also inefficient – producing even basic sales reports took hours, and activities such as processing invoices required a great many manual steps.

Enprise implemented MYOB Exo and an OLAP data-warehousing module. Producing sales reports now takes minutes, not hours, and Obex can slice and dice information exactly as it wants it. Viewing profitability by invoice, product line or business unit is simple. Reporting on revenue, gross margin, cost and actual landed cost is just mouse clicks away. Best of all, a new e-commerce capability has given Obex a competitive edge, as hospital customers move to automate procurement processes.

“We may be a relatively small company, but we have sophisticated information requirements,” says Obex Financial Manager Chris Iles. “We wanted the ability to customise reports easily and to achieve full integration of stock, financial and general ledger information.”

Workflow was also in need of an overhaul. Activities such as processing invoices required a great many manual steps, pointing to potential savings in administration time. Another catalyst for change was the need to prepare for e-commerce, with a strong drive in public hospitals to automate ordering processes. Some of Obex’s stock codes are over 40 characters long, so the new system also needed to accommodate this.

Obex chose Enprise to implement an MYOB Exo-based solution, including an OLAP data warehousing module. The data warehouse provides information for analysis via Microsoft Excel (pivot tables) and Microsoft Data Analyzer.

“From a management point of view, we can now report to different levels, splitting out different business units and drilling down further to report on the profitability of each unit,” says Chris Iles.

Workflow has been streamlined across all areas. GST is calculated automatically for example, and the number of steps needed to process an invoice has been cut from ten to four.

The implementation has now been live for one year “and it’s delivered everything Enprise said it would,’ says Iles. “We’re very happy with both the functionality and reliability of the software, and the quality of the support.”

The implementation was on time and under budget, including hardware, software and consulting.


Obex supplies specialist medical devices and equipment to hospitals, surgeries and clinics throughout New Zealand. The company is relatively small, but has sophisticated information requirements. Obex improved its analysis and reporting mandate with better access to information – and reduced administrative costs by automating internal and external processes. Obex is now unrestrained to meet future growth demands on the business.

Business benefits

  • E-commerce functionality
  • Reduced time to create reports
  • Data warehousing makes information more accessible
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Integration of stock, financial & GL information

Key outcomes

  • Reduction in the number of manual steps in several key processes – this has improved workflow and driven down administration costs.
  • Management have the analysis & reporting tools and information systems required to support and inform the decision making process.

5 good reasons to choose Enprise

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