Ron Enright Tools Ltd, Enprise customer
Ron Enright, Owner, Ron Enright Tools Ltd

Forward-thinking Ron Enright Tools Ltd has been reaping the business benefits associated with MYOB EXO for over 16 years thanks to its relationship with Enprise.

Auckland-based Ron Enright Tools Ltd is an importer and distributor of trade supplies and hand tools to the electronic and industrial industry. Established in 1977 the company has an incredibly diverse customer base covering the television, photocopy, business machine, electrical and manufacturing industries, through to the home handyman. It has customers throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Bev Morrow, Ron Enright Tools' Office Manager, says the company started to look around for a software program in 1998. “Until then everything was done manually so, looking back, it was very forward-thinking of us to upgrade to doing things electronically,” she says.

Morrow says the company was looking for something very intuitive and simple, given that she was the only staff member at the time with computer experience. “Most of the men, including the owner Ron Enright, didn’t even know how to type. I immediately liked the MYOB Exo software because it was – and is – so easy to use and understand and Ron thought it was something he could get his head around.”

This ease of use led to Ron Enright becoming one of the first companies to install MYOB Exo and become familiar with Mark Loveys, CEO and owner of Enprise.

Moving with the times

In the more than 16 years Ron Enright has been using MYOB Exo the company’s customer base has grown and diversified and Morrow says the software has allowed them to keep pace. “We’re now dealing with more overseas suppliers and the Currency Exchange feature makes that a breeze. I can still remember the days I used to sit in the office with my calculator working out the exchange rates.”

Morrow says this usability has made a huge difference to the company’s workload in that it frees up valuable time, allowing staff to focus on other areas of the business – in particular stock management and control.

Not only does MYOB Exo provide all the reporting functionality the business needs, Morrow says new features continue to make streamlining processes easier. “I love the demos Enprise give us – I call them play modes. Because these trial modes are separate from our system it means we can note down any changes without it affecting anything.”

What really impresses Morrow is that Enprise actually listens to customer feedback. “After about six weeks, when we’ve had time to run through the demo, an Enprise technician will come out to our premises, go through the notes and listen to our requirements, and streamline some of the features to suit our business.”

Always on hand

One of the reasons the company has remained a loyal Enprise customer is the high level of service its staff provide.

“Enprise staff are always approachable and are ready to give advice when required. They are always very friendly and nothing is ever too much trouble,” says Morrow.

“If the problem can’t be resolved by a phone call then Enprise will send out a technician to come to us – usually on the same day if it’s urgent.”

Furthermore, says Morrow, Enprise customers have one major support person who stays with that client through the relationship, where possible. “That’s fantastic because when you ring up the support person actually knows your business and you don’t have to waste time explaining who you are and what system you have before you get around to the problem.”

Morrow describes Enprise’s follow-up service and ongoing training programs as very comprehensive and reasonably priced. She rates the regular training seminars as a great resource for learning about new features and discovering smarter ways of using the system – as well as meeting with other Enprise clients.

“It’s clear to me that Enprise treats all its customers – large, medium and small – the same way. I’ve sat in a room full of customers ranging from a man who sells nothing but nuts and bolts, through to some in the clothing industry and realised how quick-thinking and responsive Enprise staff have to be to meet the needs of all these diverse businesses.” And that, says Morrow, is yet another factor in Ron Enright’s loyalty to Enprise.


Established in 1977, Ron Enright Tools Ltd is an importer and distributor of trade supplies and hand tools to the electronic and industrial industry. In 1998 Ron Enright Tools became one of the first companies to install Exonet (now known as MYOB Exo) and over 16 years later remains a loyal and satisfied customer.

Business benefits

  • Easy reporting functionality
  • Features streamlined to suit the company’s unique needs
  • Ongoing support and training

Key outcomes

Ron Enright Tools Ltd has moved from a wholly manual system to fully electronic. This usability has made a huge difference to the company’s workload. It frees up valuable time, allowing staff to focus on other areas of the business – in particular stock management and control.


*Note, 2017: Ron Enright Tools implemented Exonet, which is currently known as MYOB Exo.

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