GST requires commercial decisions from businesses

GST requires commercial decisions from businesses

MYOB has given an assurance that Exo is fully ready for the impending change to the GST rate on October 1. The important decisions are now commercial ones, and every business needs to get clear on its own policy.

This is the primary message to come out of Enprise’s recent GST seminars. More than a hundred customers attended Enprise’s GST seminars in Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland.

The high attendance numbers demonstrate that many businesses are actively considering GST-related issues that may occur on and after October 1, says General Manager of Enprise Auckland Matt Sealy.

“That is encouraging, as all of our customers have unique concerns based on the type of business they’re running,” he says.

“It’s time for each business to make its own commercial decisions about how it will approach the GST changeover. No one else can do this for them. One of the things we stressed at the GST seminars is that every business needs to assign and put someone in charge of GST. That person needs to work through the commercial issues, liaise with the business and manage the whole change.”

Import and distribution businesses for example are deciding whether to stop taking orders they can’t ship or bill before 1 October, or whether they will forward bill to preserve GST rates.

Customers that do a lot of quoting are concerned with quote validity in terms of including GST, and how to deal with that issue. Some customers have decided to set up their system for 15% now, so all forward orders are charged at 15%.

Enprise has built new functionality into its GST checking tool, enabling the tool to change records in Exo. This will automate the carrying out of a customer’s commercial decisions around its treatment of GST. For example, if a customer has a selection of 1500 quotes on which it wishes to alter the GST rate, this can be done at the touch of a button. There will be no need to go into each quote and manually change the rate.

“Customers will leverage maximum value from Enprise’s checking tool by making commercial decisions around its treatment of GST before the checking tool runs,” Matt Sealy says.

Given MYOB’s assurance of no problems with Exo come 1 October, the issues customers now face are solely commercial, rather than software related.

“We will always tell you if we know the answer, but we’re not a tax guidance company,” Matt Sealy says.

“What we can do is make absolutely sure your system works. Once a business decides on the approach it wishes to take, Enprise will make it happen. For example, if you decide to make changes to existing unprocessed quotes and orders, we will ensure this is done.”

Enprise is getting underway with GST testing for contract customers. This will mostly be done remotely. If Enprise does not have remote access it will contact the customer to request a date to visit.

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