Government legislation demands Exo Employer Services upgrade

New Government legislation makes an upgrade to Exo Employer Services 2012.01 essential before the start of the new Australian financial year. 

The 2012.01 release contains compliance updates for the 2012–2013 payroll year. As well as new features and tax changes, it also includes the PAYG tax scales you need for the 2012–2013 payroll year. You will need to upgrade to this release before you record pays in the 2012–2013 payroll year.

The release is available now for download from MYOB.

On 1 March 2012 the Government introduced the Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2012 Measures No.1) Bill and Explanatory Memorandum in Parliament. The Bill includes the first phase of changes to reporting superannuation contributions on payslips.

The Bill's Explanatory Memorandum foreshadows a likely date of 1 January 2013 for commencement of the changed payslip reporting arrangements. Previously, the scheduled commencement date was 1 July 2012. There is still much discussion on commencement dates between industry and government, and the exact date is not yet confirmed.

MYOB decided to undertake the change early on. Work has been completed to ensure payslips display expected payment dates of guaranteed superannuation contributions. The system caters for the transition of financial years, allowing greater flexibility and opportunity in implementing the new compliance release. The new changes will be enacted dependent on the financial year the physical pay date falls within.

Other major changes in release 2012.01 include:

  • Updated PAYG, HELP & SFSS tax rates and thresholds.
  • Removal of the flood and reconstruction levy.
  • A new tax calculation for finalised payments that include back payments. These include lump sum payments in arrears, commissions, bonuses and similar payments.
  • No separate withholding scale for payees who are entitled to leave loading. These payees will no longer have higher withholding from every pay during their time at work. Instead, they will be taxed more accurately when the leave loading is paid.
  • If payers make payments of leave loading on a pro rata basis (multiple payments during the year when leave is being taken) then they simply add the leave loading payment to earnings for the period to calculate withholding.
  • If payers make leave loading payments as a lump sum (for example when cashing out annual leave) the system will automatically use the same withholding calculation for back payments. These include lump sum payments in arrears, commissions, bonuses and similar payments.
  • Updated document management features of Exo Employee Information make them more flexible, and easier to use. The document management features have also been extended to candidates – previously, they were only available for employees.

To upgrade, or to find out more about these changes, please contact your Enprise account manager.

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