Obex has lessons for all MYOB Exo users

The Obex story (see ‘Obex looks around and stays with MYOB Exo’) has important lessons for all MYOB Exo users on the gains that can flow from reviewing existing implementations.

It’s very common for businesses to grow and yet keep doing things the same way, says Client Engagement Manager Kris Schneider.

“Each Exo implementation is configured and installed to suit a business of a certain size, so a timely review can yield substantial returns in time and cost,” she says.

“A business process that makes good sense for a small company may be inefficient for that same business once it’s grown a bit bigger. For example, a small business may have customer services staff handling 90% of its transactions. As the business grows this practice continues, even though it would be far more efficient to segregate those transactions out to be managed by other support staff. A review can mean that when the business stretches or grows, it may not be necessary to hire extra staff.”

Obex found it could use third party add-ons for Exo to automate warehouse management, but many other customers save time and money solely from using new features inside the latest Exo version. All Enprise customers have already paid for the latest version. If you’re not running it, you’re not getting the full ‘bang for your buck’.

“If you’ve been using your system for a while, the best thing to do is step back and have a macro look at your business - and we can help you do that,” Kris Schneider says.

Kris Schneider is available as a review resource for existing customers. An accountant with a deep knowledge of Exo, she can spend time discussing any issues you might have. The review can include an audit of business processes as well as configuration of Exo.

To discuss a review for your business, please contact your Enprise account manager.

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