Obex looks around and stays with MYOB Exo

Obex looks around and stays with MYOB Exo

Medical importer Obex shopped around for a new accounting system because it thought it had outgrown MYOB Exo - but after evaluating the competition and looking at the latest version of Exo, Obex realised it had made the right choice all along. 

Obex supplies specialist medical equipment to hospitals, surgeries and clinics. The firm implemented Exo ten years ago.

Back then the business was smaller. As Obex grew its business needs changed, but Obex didn’t review its Exo implementation. Eventually, the business was no longer getting what it needed from Exo. Obex thought it needed to move to a larger ERP system with more capability. The firm went to market with an RFP in order to choose a new system.

Enprise responded to the RFP. A series of meetings with Enprise National Sales Manager Peter Chung and Client Engagement Manager Kris Schneider mapped Obex’s present day requirements. Obex wanted to automate its warehouse management to replace cumbersome manual systems. It also wanted to deepen its business analysis. Enprise arranged demonstrations of third party applications that integrate tightly with Exo. These included mobile handheld scanning for picking and packing orders out of the warehouse; and Halo Prism from IQ4Bis for in-depth business reporting and analysis.

These add-ons simply weren’t available ten years ago, says Peter Chung.

“Obex has opted for new tools such as handheld scanners to replace paper-based warehouse management processes,” he says.

“This will deliver faster, more accurate picking and packing from the warehouse. Obex’s reporting will also take a big leap forward. It will be able to analyse the business much more closely, identifying trends and locating the cause of any issues. It can see which staff and products lines are making profit, and exactly where that profit is coming from.”

He says the review of Obex’s business processes was an essential first step to streamlining them.

“An Enprise review is a powerful force for change management. Our reviews look at the business with fresh eyes, and combine that fresh look with accounting expertise and a deep knowledge of Exo and its tools,” he says.

To discuss a review for your business, please contact your Enprise account manager.

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Reason 4: A wide range of proven companion products from trusted partners. 

Reason 5: With Enprise, you get MYOB Exo from the people that invented it. 

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