Enprise customer goes live with SAP HANA-powered Business One Analytics

Enprise Software’s Job Costing module has become one of the first SAP Business One solutions in the world to work alongside SAP’s new HANA database technology at a customer site, substantially increasing analytical query speed in a successful live implementation.

HANA is SAP’s new game-changing, real-time platform for analytics and applications. HANA uses in-memory technology to provide powerful features such as significant processing speed, the ability to handle big data, predictive capabilities and text mining capabilities. SAP Business One is lined up to be the first of SAP’s ERP applications to fully take advantage of the new technology.

Enprise’s internationally successful Business One add-on module – called Enprise Job - is one of the first vertical solutions for Business One to run with HANA-powered Analytics.

“We are part of an advisory group of SAP solution partners, working with SAP to develop our Business One solutions for HANA,” says Enprise Group CEO Mark Loveys.

“Enprise Job is a perfect candidate to run natively on HANA because job costing inherently involves big data. A single job can involve purchasing, sales, a long timeline and many people. The speed advantage of HANA is significant enough to enable Enprise Job to move up the market, into the larger business space.”

Enprise is currently upgrading each of its eight add-on modules for SAP Business One to optionally support the HANA platform. New features in Enprise add-on modules for SAP Business One will take advantage of the HANA design and capabilities.

Enprise is still discovering the real potential of this new SAP technology, Mark Loveys says. “HANA allows new functionality which would have slowed down the application too much before and so would never have been considered,” he says.

“One of our most promising development areas is reporting suites for mobile devices – something that has not been workable up till now because of the time it would take to run. HANA opens up all sorts of new possibilities. It’s exciting times for Enprise and its Business One customers as we continue to work with SAP to go to market with HANA.”

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