Electronic Data Interchanges often pay for themselves

Large purchasers such as supermarket chains and The Warehouse are leading the charge to Electronic Data Interchanges, but suppliers are also reaping bottom line benefits from the elimination of data entry that EDI brings.

Electronic Data Interchanges can pay for themselves by eliminating data entry for both inwards and outwards transactions. This alone makes them worth considering, says Enprise Business Development Manager Trish Glover.

“Even if your business partners don’t demand it, EDI may still provide a rapid return on investment,” she says.

“EDI is a ‘two-way street’ effective for both inward and outward transactions. You can send purchase orders, sales orders and invoices to your suppliers, or vice versa. For example, receiving a purchase order causes Exo to automatically pull in that purchase order and create a sales order. Enprise can apply a similar automation principle to sales orders, invoices and other transaction types.”

The Warehouse is in the process of rolling out Electronic Ordering and Invoicing processes (EDI) with its key suppliers. Its objective is to be trading electronically with all major local suppliers by the end of 2013, says The Warehouse’s EDI Manager, Ray Renner.

“In order to trade electronically with The Warehouse, suppliers need to be able to receive purchase orders and send invoices as well as advance ship notices,” he says.

“We believe that by conducting ordering and invoicing electronically, both we and our suppliers can make significant savings and process improvements.”

The Warehouse is one of the large purchasing firms providing EDI references for Enprise.

Enprise has several different ways to deliver secure, cost effective EDI. Which one is best depends on your business needs and your budget. Enprise has options for pure EDI solutions, as well as EDI solutions that allow for customised integrations to provide even more functionality and we will work with you to define your specific requirements.

Some customers have drawn on Enprise’s partner network to get a bespoke application to fit their EDI needs. Iconic Wellington café Caffe L’affare has won admirers because of the excellence of its EDI, which it uses to supply large supermarket chains such as Foodstuffs and Progressive. Enprise partner ‘Very Impressive Software’ built the EDI specifically for Exo. An e-invoicing routine takes a purchase order from the customer, loads it into Exo and processes it like a sales order. The resulting invoice is then sent to the customer electronically.

“The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Manager at Foodstuffs said ours was one of the best EDIs he’d seen,” says Caffe L’affare Administration and Procurement Manager Zeke Alley.

“He asked if he could refer other suppliers to us so they could replicate it. It’s impossible to punch in a wrong product code or amount, and all data is in SQL.”

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Enprise can explain the various EDI options and how they work, help you choose the right option for your business, and begin the initial task of information gathering – all at zero cost. Contact us for more information.

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