Quote management key to better cashflow for Allwin Steel

Allwin Steel Enterprises, Enprise customer

Allwin Steel Enterprises is using its MYOB Exo Business implementation to integrate quoting with financials, solving quoting headaches and positioning the company for improved cashflow.

Allwin Steel Enterprises is a structural steel fabrication specialist, fabricating steel for commercial and residential projects. It offers a free quoting service but needed a better way to track and manage ‘live’ quotes in the system.

“We need to know the number of quotes in a month, the value of those quotes and what follow up is required,” says General Manager Gareth Warner.

The company was using MYOB Premier for financials and an Access database for quoting jobs. The Access database was not integrated with financial data and was failing to cope with company growth.

“It was OK when a small number of people were using it, but as the company grew and demand increased the database would often freeze or crash,” Gareth Warner says.

“We were also starting to see corrupt data. We persisted for too long with it, trying to fix it and further develop it to cope with the workload.”

Allwin Steel Enterprises chose Enprise to execute an upgrade from MYOB Premier to MYOB Exo Business.

Part of Enprise’s brief is to automate the process of turning quotes into invoices. Allwin Steel currently keeps a hard copy of the original quote on file, using this to create an invoice when a quote is successful. If allowances are made that may change the quote, this new information must be passed on manually to the delivery team. If this step is overlooked the delivery may be incorrect.

Enprise is setting up the new database so that Allwin Steel can enter a product code and length to get a price. It can then add on components, labour and freight. Gareth Warner says he’s looking forward to integrating quotes with financials.

“Once a job is completed we will generate an invoice based on the quote. We’ll simply hit a button when the job is complete to get our invoice with all information – customer name, address, dollar amounts etc – preloaded. Currently we create an invoice from a hard copy quote on file.”

The new system will produce a report that gives a bill of materials, including the number of hours for fabrication, an allowance for time spent onsite and materials. The company will use this as a manual Job Costing tool to prepare for the future implementation of MYOB Job Costing.

“We expect that our new Exo system will improve cashflow by enabling us to invoice promptly on delivery,” Gareth Warner says.

“We will no longer have to wait for the correct paper trail to be placed on the desk of the person whose job it is to create invoices.”

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