A system review may deliver your wish list

A system review may be all you need to get your MYOB Exo system to do everything a brand new system could do.

Just as your business grows and changes, your ERP system needs to grow and change as well. It’s an expensive mistake to just install and forget an ERP system rather than continue to grow and change it, says Enprise Waikato General Manager Kris Schneider.

“ERP systems are evolutionary. Reviews are the single biggest way to streamline your business processes and extract maximum value from your MYOB Exo system over its entire life cycle,” she says.

Do it yourself or ask Enprise

“Whether you do it yourself or ask Enprise to work alongside you, a review is a powerful force for change management. Each Exo implementation is configured and installed to suit a business of a certain size, so a timely review can yield substantial returns in time and cost,” says Kris Schneider.

Many customers can save time and money solely from using new features inside the latest Exo version. All Enprise customers have already paid for the latest version. If you’re not running it, you’re not getting the full bang for your buck. The first step of any review is to upgrade to the latest version.

Gaining new functionality will often depend on that upgrade. Running the latest version future-proofs you in other ways too. For example, if hardware breaks down and has to be replaced, the latest version of MYOB Exo will always run smoothly on new hardware, where old versions may not run on new 64-bit hardware or on new operating systems.

You’ve paid for it, so get it

MYOB Exo Business 8.7 is the latest version. It has new features and improvements to increase your control of business processes. These include business alerts monitoring, a new Education Centre and many significant enhancements to make life easier for job and project-based businesses. Talk to Enprise to get your upgrade underway – you’ve already paid for the latest software with your annual license fee so it makes sense to get the benefits.

Once you’ve upgraded you’re ready for a system review. Get Enprise to do a needs analysis or do it yourself.

“If you’ve been using your system for a while, the best thing to do is step back and have a macro look at your business – and we can help you do that. People are often surprised at what they can do, and what the system can support,” Kris Schneider says.

New tools and add-ons you’ve never seen before

Tools and add-ons for MYOB Exo now include a wide range of third party applications like mobile handheld scanning for picking and packing orders out of the warehouse; or in-depth business reporting and analysis. These integrate tightly with MYOB Exo and may not have even existed when the original implementation was done. Enprise can arrange demonstrations.

Enprise’s reviews look at the business with fresh eyes, and combine that fresh look with accounting expertise and a deep knowledge of MYOB Exo and its add-on tools.

More information

To discuss a review for your business, please contact your Enprise account manager or get in touch with us.

5 good reasons to choose Enprise

Reason 1: Gold standard service and support. 

Reason 2: Cloud options for every piece of software we sell.

Reason 3: The largest MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo partner in Australasia, with dedicated sales, implementation & support teams.

Reason 4: A wide range of proven companion products from trusted partners. 

Reason 5: With Enprise, you get MYOB Exo from the people that invented it. 

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