Enprise Cloud Path shows the way

Enprise Cloud Path service launched

Business software company Enprise Solutions has launched a new service designed to help individual businesses chart the smartest path to the cloud.

Enprise Cloud Path weighs the costs and benefits of an individual business moving to the cloud, and creates an optimal cloud roadmap to take them there.

Every piece of software Enprise sells can be delivered in the cloud, but businesses need help deciding when and how to move, says Enprise Group CEO Elliot Cooper.

“You need to be smart to reap maximum gain for minimum spend,” he says.

“Moving to the cloud has fantastic benefits as well as risks. Enprise Cloud Path helps businesses avoid all the traps and harvest every advantage, while squeezing maximum value from their existing IT investment.”

Existing customisations can be easily transferred into the cloud.

As well as providing MYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced in the cloud, Enprise cloud-hosts a broad range of companion products to extend the power of the MYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced platforms. These include Microsoft CRM, Halo business Intelligence, Valogix inventory forecasting, MORE Manufacturing, SCORE-POS, various e-commerce applications, job costing, EDI solutions and more.

One of the cloud’s biggest risks is multiple suppliers all pointing the finger at each other when things don’t work as advertised, Elliot Cooper says.

“Enprise takes responsibility for making sure ‘everything works’ in the Enprise-managed cloud. If there’s a problem, we fix it,” he says.

Specialist ERP provider Co-SYS is using Enprise Cloud Path to execute cloud transitions for its customers. Co-SYS, which implements, services and supports the Exchequer Enterprise ERP system, has signed a partnership agreement with Enprise following a successful pilot project. The agreement extends the Enprise Cloud Path service to Co-SYS customers, giving them a broad range of cloud-based software options with full service and support.

Co-SYS Director Geoff Roberts says the new partnership gives Co-SYS customers fresh options to ‘future proof’ their business systems.

“Our customers can keep using their server-based products for as long as it suits them, then move to the cloud when they’re ready, with no loss of service or support,” he says.

Fellow Co-SYS Director Steve Jubber says some customers are ready to go to the cloud now, some are close and some don’t ever wish to go there.

“Our new partnership with Enprise increases our ability to give customers whatever works best,” he says.

Enprise Group CEO Elliot Cooper says customers can follow a cloud path with Enprise while retaining all customisations done by another ERP provider.

“We can easily modify bespoke applications to interface with cloud options,” he says.

“This makes it fast and cost-effective for customers to retain their existing customisations while moving to the cloud. We welcome conversations with other ERP providers looking for a cloud partner.”

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