Dare to double revenue

 Dare to double revenue

The first step to doubling your business revenues is to explore how your systems would cope if it happened overnight.

What would happen if you set out to double your sales quickly?  For most businesses, the answer is ‘the wheels would fall off’. If this is true for your business, it’s immensely valuable to ask why. The answers will lead you straight to what you need to do to make it possible to grow rapidly and successfully.

Rapid growth is usually far more possible than you may think. The key lies in your people, coupled with ‘automation’. 

Firstly your people.  We often don’t realise that the key to achieving outrageous growth targets lies inside your people.  Gather them together to create a plan for audacious growth. Get them to start by challenging the status quo. List and agree all the truths about the way you do things now. You can think of it as a type of SWOT analysis for your processes. The act of doing this always unleashes a landslide of ideas and possibilities. By brainstorming and collaborating, the current reality becomes clear to see. The ‘what-ifs’ can start from there.

We seldom see this step taken. It’s a shame, because it’s an extraordinarily powerful way of laying bare all of the roadblocks to growth.

As a group, you can speedily map out the steps and constraints that hinder your ability to go faster and sell more.  The most common constraints to serious growth are the multiple steps that people must do manually, using their knowledge and a keyboard. These are usually discreet, isolated steps that have to be performed by someone specifically trained to do it. The steps usually add up to a slow grind of manual processes. It’s the speed of these processes that generally inhibits the ability to rapidly double sales.

Try this recipe for growth.


  • An inspired and motivated sales/admin person or team
  • An ERP business solution that has automation power


  • Mix the admin/sales people in in a room for a day and map all workflows and the limiting constraints from end-to-end
  • Define each step and remove the human brain wherever it’s currently necessary. Replace with computer intelligence that can automate the steps – you’ll find this in a powerful ERP business solution

(Please note: we’re not replacing the humans. We’re just redeploying them on useful things they’ll need to manage as we’re doubling sales. The team is then looking at the forest instead of each and every tree. They will look to the horizon, where we are going.)


  • Remove all individual spreadsheets that have been in use in each of the workflow steps to date
  • Remove all clipboards, post-it stickers and whiteboard planners
  • Empower each team member to own and supervise (inspect what they expect) in the new automation steps in their jurisdiction
  • Get your ERP vendor to configure the business solution around the new automation workflow
  • Test and fine tune the automation until it works from end-to-end with the minimal human brains and fingers
  • Inspect and confirm that the new automation allows you to double sales without having to add any more human brainpower, fingers on keyboards or stodgy manual paperwork  

Order the go-live. Celebrate with champagne and canapés at the next company meeting.

You can unshackle your business with these two key ingredients: a motivated team that is dared to think and change; and a powerful ERP solution that is shaped around the new plan.  Modern ERP systems can ‘think’ for themselves, automating your business for continuing unlimited growth.

(This article first appeared exclusively in the July 2017 issue of NZBusiness Magazine.)

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Elliot Cooper

Elliot Cooper is Enprise Group's CEO. He is a qualified accountant with deep accounting and financial controller experience.

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