MYOB Exo Employer Services Payroll compliance release reminder: 2018.02

MYOB Exo Employer Services 2018.02 compliance release NZ

In recent weeks, Enprise has emailed customers about two new compliance releases for MYOB Exo Employer Services: 2018.01 and 2018.02. The second, updated release, advised to customers on 10 April 2018, is to comply with new IRD guidance. If you haven’t installed the 2018.01 compliance release, you can go straight to 2018.02.

This is just a reminder to please ensure you do install Exo Employer Services 2018.02 in order to be compliant.

Here’s the information you need:

Inland Revenue New Zealand recently released new guidance on two specific instances which has required MYOB to release a product update.  You can find detailed instructions on how to find, access, and install Exo Employer services 2018.02 below.

The changes are:
  • Interim 10.5% flat rate of tax for non-resident seasonal worker (NSW) tax code will now be permanent (it was scheduled to end on 31st March 2018).
  • Employees on the no notification rate (ND code) are taxed at 45% flat rate which now also applies to extra pays.
  • It is recommended that you read the Release Notes before upgrading the software.
Get ready to do the update

It is recommended before you begin:

  1. There are NO open pays within the system (either current Pays or One-Off Pays).
  2. All users should close their session of Exo Employer Services.
  3. A Windows user account with administrative privileges should perform this upgrade.
  4. If you have multiple computers set up to run MYOB Exo Payroll across a network, you must run this upgrade on the system that houses the database.
  5. You should have performed a backup of your current database.
Upgrade now

Below are links to articles on the MYOB website that can help you upgrade:

The EXO Knowledge Base is a great resource of information and has many hints, tips and troubleshooting articles which can be accessed anytime.

More information

If you require further assistance with your upgrade, please call the Enprise Support Desk on 0800 436 774 or email us 

*Please note support for this release is as per your nominated Support Agreement.

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