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Held during September and October 2019

The second series of MYOB User Groups for 2019 came to a close in Melbourne at the end of October 2019 and they were a great success! In addition to the usual User Groups for MYOB Exo, for the first time MYOB Advanced User Groups were held, too. Read on for highlights from the MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced sessions.

Team at MYOB User Group 2 2019, Sydney

The purpose of the User Groups is to share extensive knowledge about two of the most popular ERP software platforms in Australia and New Zealand, MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced. It is a great opportunity for users to engage with one another and discuss their experiences in order to learn and gain more from their system. The User Groups are open to all users, and anyone interested in learning more about MYOB's ERP solutions for mid-market and larger businesses. 

The User Groups are held twice a year across Australia (Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney) and in Auckland in New Zealand. Each event combines insightful content surrounding the functionality of the product with the most relevant and current business matters.

The MYOB Exo sessions shared insightful information about the future of MYOB Exo in line with Project Tokyo – MYOB’s commitment to the ongoing development of MYOB Exo. The MYOB Advanced sessions focused on how to optimise the use of software in your business. Both sessions were joined by experts from MYOB, Enprise Solutions, our JV partner Kilimanjaro Consulting, and Alchemex.

We had great feedback from both the MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced User Groups. If you missed out, here are some key highlights.


The half-day MYOB Exo session included insights from two of MYOB’s largest partners and Sam Lewis-Roberts, our special guest speaker and Product Manager for Exo at MYOB. While the session covered a range of topics, the keynote was a highlight with discussions on recent developments and the strategic direction for MYOB Exo.

MYOB Advanced

The inaugural half-day MYOB Advanced sessions gave all users, and anyone seeking a more complex ERP system, the chance to get together, learn helpful tips and tricks and share thought leadership to improve business efficiency. The sessions included insights from two of MYOB’s largest partners and Chris Millar from Alchemex, our special guest speaker and representative for Velixo – an elegant reporting solution for MYOB Advanced.

While the session covered a range of topics, the keynote session was a highlight. This session focused on using Velixo to increase the effectiveness of reporting in MYOB Advanced.

We also previewed the MYOB Advanced 2019.1 release and demonstrated some exciting new functionality that is coming soon. Want to learn more about the latest MYOB Advanced release? Join our product showcase webinar on 5 December 2019

Auckland MYOB User Group 2019 2 (MYOB Advanced)

Key take-aways: MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced

  1. MYOB Exo: Project Tokyo – MYOB’s commitment to ongoing development of MYOB Exo

    Project Tokyo provides assurance that your MYOB Exo software is future proof. It is the culmination of nearly 18 months of effort at MYOB to ensure the product is positioned well for the next phase of both software functionality and evolution. Project Tokyo has strengthened the foundations of MYOB Exo, with a focus on the data security, stability, future proofing and ease of deployment.

    MYOB has upgraded and rationalised both the development platform and its components. This rationalisation will hugely increase productivity within the MYOB software development teams, increasing the velocity of product delivery, as well as the quality.

  2. MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced: e-Invoicing and reducing laborious manual processes

    The e-Invoicing initiative announcement by the Australian and New Zealand governments in February 2019 is an initiative estimated to save businesses approximately $30 billion in transaction costs in the first 10 years.

    As a government-sponsored initiative, we can expect grassroots support from a range of ERP and accounting systems vendors. MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced are well suited to comply with this new initiative. We look forward to the efficiencies and additional value this will bring all users.

    The desire for efficiency was a consistent theme across the User Groups, with many success stories focusing on automation and integration. Any manual processes in place within a business presents an opportunity for business process Improvement.

  3. MYOB Exo: The importance of MYOB Exo upgrades

    MYOB regularly releases updates to MYOB Exo so that users can benefit from improved functionality and bug fixes. Upgrading is an easy way to improve efficiency in your business. Though an upgrade may seem like a costly and disruptive exercise with little benefit, we encourage our clients to upgrade for compatibility, added functionality, and consistent training to improve user experience. All users are already paying an annual license fee, and the only additional cost to the upgrade is the consulting. Read more about the importance of upgrading your MYOB Exo software here.

  4. MYOB Advanced: The benefits of MYOB Advanced upgrades

    MYOB regularly releases updates to MYOB Advanced so that users can benefit from improved functionality, updated security measures and so on. We previewed the latest 2019.1 update at the User Groups, which includes:

    • Significant new features within Generic Inquiries to improve reporting and visibility of information throughout the system. This customisation is also available to the list view of entities/records that is available.
    • A new company/branch selector menu.
    • Improvements to colour scheme to enable different colour selection across Companies and Branches.
    • New Warehouse Management System (WMS) functionality within the MYOB Advanced mobile app.

  5. MYOB Advanced: Improved financial reporting through Velixo

    There are many opportunities to improve the visibility of information and reporting available within our businesses. One of the areas we regularly hear needs improving is financial and board reporting.

    Operating within Microsoft Excel, Velixo is a General Ledger and project reporting tool that is fully integrated with MYOB Advanced. It provides MYOB Advanced users flexible financial reporting at their fingertips with the ease of familiar tools. The Velixo Excel® add on provides more than 45 functions to pull through general ledger and project data from MYOB Advanced.


Keen to join us for the next round?

The MYOB User Groups are a chance for MYOB experts to share their insights and keep you informed about updates, features and business process improvement news. Don’t miss out on these valuable, free events. We hope to see you at the next round of User Groups scheduled for February and March 2020. Watch out for an early registration invitation next year, and keep up-to-date by registering your interest here

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