Why upgrading to the latest version of your MYOB Exo ERP is critical to your business

Why upgrading your MYOB Exo ERP software is business critical

As an MYOB Exo software user, you will know that MYOB releases major and minor product upgrades throughout the year. Don’t be hesitant to make these updates. By keeping your ERP software up to date, you benefit from new features, product and performance enhancements, changes to security measures, compliance updates and fixes. Read on to find out why upgrading to the latest version of your MYOB Exo ERP is critical to your business.

Don’t be daunted by upgrading to the latest version of your ERP system. It is important to do it – and the benefits to your business far outweigh the inconvenience or perceived risk. All users are already paying an annual license fee, and the only additional cost to the upgrade is the consulting. 

ERP software vendors, like MYOB, work constantly to improve their products. These upgrades are rolled out via software upgrades and allow clients to experience the product at its best capability.

As part of your software maintenance plan, product upgrades are made readily available. However, you may not have the time or desire to upgrade your software. You may be comfortable with how it works already. Perhaps you’re concerned that your business processes will need to change. Or you’re worried the upgrade will potentially fail. These concerns are valid. However, the vendor tests an upgrade thoroughly before making it available. This minimises any disruptions to your business. Supporting documents are provided to you once a release is made available, so you’ll know of the new features or improvements that are included in the release.

It is important to remember that upgrading to the latest software version can bring various benefits to your business. ERP solutions will always evolve to meet advancements in technology and meet customer needs.

Benefits of upgrading to the latest version

Comply with new government regulations

New government regulations and legislations pass each year. They usually focus on how you pay your staff, or the security of your data. As these new legislations roll in, your software needs to comply with these regulations. Your ERP software vendor works to ensure that the software you use remains compliant with new laws or changes to them. That’s why it is vital to stay up to date with the latest version. Versions that are several years old may no longer be compliant.

Boost automation

An upgrade could provide you with time-saving features that improve the way you run your business. Software systems are continually automating manual tasks and removing unnecessary paperwork, allowing you to focus on what matters most and furthering business success. Additional features like new reports, data entry automation tools or even a simple check box, could become time saving features you’ll never be able to benefit from if you don’t upgrade to the latest version.

Safeguard your data

Your ERP software vendor will always look to enhance the security of your system in consideration of new technology threats and government regulations. It is important to consider the measures that you have currently in place to safeguard your data. Upgrading to the latest version of your ERP software is the best defence when it comes to data protection.

Older versions may no longer be supported

The ERP software version some businesses may be using could be several years old. Your ERP software vendor focuses their attention to improve the current version. In time, the vendor won’t have the bandwidth to support older versions. To ensure the version you are using is fully supported and compliant, upgrade to the latest version.

Run at optimal performance

Upgrades may include performance improvements in addition to new features or compliance updates. If a feature within your ERP solution is running slow or a report is taking too long to download, upgrading to the newest version could resolve these performance issues.

Enrich the user experience

The latest version of your ERP system can enrich the user experience. New user interface (UI) updates that enhance the look and responsiveness of the product can help increase usability and productivity for you and your colleagues.

Stay competitive

If you stick with the same software version you have been using for years, there is a risk you could get left behind. Your competitors might be using the latest software, which could automate how they run their business and enhance how they interact with their customers. There is a possibility that you can run the risk of falling behind or have customers move to competitors who use the latest technology and provide a faster, more accurate and personalised experience.

More information

Enprise will always get in touch to let you know about MYOB software product upgrades.  However, if you’d like more information about ensuring your MYOB product is up to date, please get in touch with your Enprise Account Manager directly or contact us here.


Information source: MYOB Enterprise

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