The six most asked questions about MYOB Exo connectivity and security

MYOB Exo connectivity and security

The current COVID-19 pandemic has seen many companies take their business online. This means that many of our customers are wanting to access their information and services, including MYOB Exo, remotely – without taking risks. In this article, we look at six of the most frequently asked questions we get about MYOB Exo connectivity and security.

Question 1: Can employees access MYOB Exo from their homes in a secure way?

Yes. MYOB Exo is built on a Microsoft SQL database, so users can connect from anywhere. Enprise can assist your Network Support partner to enable safe and secure remote access to MYOB Exo. 

Options include:

  • Team Viewer
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Microsoft Terminal Server (plus VPN)

Enprise can recommend the best fit for your business. 

Question 2: Can I move an on-premise MYOB Exo system to the cloud?

Yes. Enprise hosts MYOB Exo in the cloud and can help you make the change.

Options include:

  • Fully managed hosted environment (our server in the cloud)
  • Self-managed hosted environment (your server in the cloud)
  • A combination of these two
Question 3: Can I give my B2B customers online access?

Yes. There are several options for doing this, including integrations with popular webstores and e-Commerce sites like Shopify and Magento. Enprise also offers an MYOB Exo module called ‘Dealers Online’. We can deploy this within a week. It’s tightly integrated to MYOB Exo and allows your customers to view stock in real time and place orders. It has your pricing policies and stop credit policies baked in, so no manual intervention is required.

Question 4: Can employee information in MYOB Exo Payroll be viewed online?

Yes. The online employee portal MyStaffInfo allows employees to apply for leave, check leave balances, and download payslips from any location, using any web browser. If you use MYOB Exo Payroll (Employer Services) but not MyStaffInfo, you’re missing an easy win.

Question 5: Can my sales staff access MYOB Exo from mobile devices?

Yes. Sales staff can place orders directly into your MYOB Exo system from wherever they are. The MYOB Exo OnTheGo app allows authorised members of your team to key their orders directly into your MYOB Exo system from their mobile device. They can just download the app from the Apple app store. It’s secure.

Question 6: Can I run MYOB Exo Payroll remotely?

Yes. Enprise can host MYOB Exo Payroll (Employer Services) in the cloud. You’ll get all the same benefits and features you currently have, but you’ll be able to access it – securely – from anywhere.

For Australian businesses we also offer a new cloud payroll solution called MYOB Advanced People. MYOB Advanced People manages all your online payroll needs. It contains an Employee Self-Service portal to reduce the workload of administration staff. (Note: MYOB Advanced People is not yet available in New Zealand.)

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