What's new in Dataline: latest features for your accounts payable automation

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Dataline is an accounts payable automation solution that has been serving growing businesses for over 30 years. Their deep knowledge of accounts payable processes combined with the workflow automation that the solution provides gives customers a payables advantage. Dataline consistently makes improvements to ensure their solution is always scalable to your business.

In this article find out about the latest features and functionalities available in Dataline to allow users to create an even more efficient workflow and automate processes faster than ever.

New features overview

Invoice to Purchase Order Matching with approval workflow

The Dataline solution has been enhanced to support Invoice to Purchase Order Matching where a customer doesn’t typically receipt goods or services into MYOB Advanced. Currently, receipts happen at time of invoice receipt. Invoices go to a company’s finance department and need to be manually processed. The finance team must figure out who requested the goods or service and send the invoices for receipting and approval. Dataline automates these steps.

Invoice to Purchase Order Receipts Matching (three-way Matching)

This feature provides massive time savings by allowing creditor invoices to be passed through to MYOB with zero manual intervention. Dataline can provide up to 90% straight-through processing of these invoices allowing finance teams to focus on exceptions.

Web expenses module

Capture all costs including expenses, corporate card receipts and general invoicing via the one solution. Excellent best of breed mobile receipt capture. Import bank Visa/Mastercard files and reconcile transactions.

Support MYOB Advanced projects and tasks

Allow correct allocation of costs.

Creditor invoice images uploaded to MYOB Advanced

Invoices images are viewable within MYOB Advanced at the same time of creditor invoice posting.

Working capital solution

Dataline provides a gateway to help customers make better use of their funds by providing access to supplier invoice financing and extended terms options. Turn accounts payable into a profit-making stream.

LITE version of APA+ for MYOB Advanced

For those customers looking for a simple invoice digitisation and OCR solution that interfaces with MYOB Advanced.


Loads images and header data directly into MYOB as an “on hold” transaction.

Allows all workflows and approvals to be done within MYOB Advanced licensed users. Utilise the MYOB Advanced Mobile Application for approvals.

The Benefits of invoice automation

Automates existing manual processes

Dataline automates many of the existing manual processes associated with invoices processing within a company, freeing up the finance team to focus on other core activities.

Provide improved visibility of liabilities

To help manage cash flow and accelerate month-end P&L close off.

Remove data entry

Automate the digitisation of your invoices and Dataline software will extract the invoice data that syncs to your accounting system.

Automatic creditor invoice matching

Match creditor invoices automatically to purchase orders, driving touchless creditor invoice processing

Faster approvals 

Automate for seamless processing with no human intervention. Integrated workflow to remote staff for approvals.

No need for filing

Dataline digitally stores your invoices securely, providing you with fast search retrieval with complete audit trail.

Streamlined processes

Streamline your processes, reducing the overall cost of invoice processing.


Audit trails provided that will meet the most stringent compliance requirements.

The Dataline difference

  • Dataline offers the digitisation of your creditor invoices as a service, where they review each document to ensure OCR capture is correct and document quality.
  • Support – Dataline provides support with a financial transaction approach rather than a document scanning approach.
  • Dataline has worked with a certified MYOB Advanced partner to develop their MYOB Advanced interface.
  • The solution’s flexible design as an enterprise solution enabling customisations to meet individual customers’ accounts payable requirements.
  • Dataline understands every business is different and focus on providing real-world AP outcomes.
  • Automated supplier recognition and duplicate invoice detection reduces fraud potential.
  • Options for extended payment terms via Working Capital Finance solution.


More information

Dataline integrates with MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo. For more information about Dataline, visit our Dataline product page or download the relevant brochure below. You can also contact your Account Manager directly, or call us on 0800 436 774, or email us to find out how this product can be integrated with your system.

Dataline for MYOB Advanced

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Dataline for MYOB Exo

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