Tips and tricks: Business Events in MYOB Advanced

Tips and tricks

The Business Events feature in MYOB Advanced (introduced in the 2018.1 release) enables users to monitor their MYOB Advanced system and automate business processes when specific events occur. Processes can include sending notifications to customers or staff or updating records automatically. The Business Events feature allows you to focus on high-value tasks because the day-to-day tasks are taken care of automatically.  

Every business has unique workflows and processes to drive both internal and external communication and actions. The Business Events feature can automate some of these day-to-day tasks by monitoring specified data for changes and processing defined actions as a result.

What can the Business Events feature do for your business?

The Business Events feature gives users the flexibility to support actions in several different scenarios. Examples include notifying:

  • Customers that an invoice is outstanding and due for payment. A copy of the invoice could also be attached to the email sent
  • Staff that a shipment from a supplier has arrived
  • Staff that an outstanding customer balance greater than 60 days is now cleared
  • The production manager that the customer has paid their deposit and materials can now be ordered

There are four key components when configuring Business Events:

  1. Create a Generic Inquiry used to monitor data
  2. Determine how the data is to be monitored as records change, or on a set schedule
  3. Define the criteria for an action to occur
  4. Specify the resulting action to take:
    • Issue a Notification (email or mobile)
    • Using import scenarios to add or update records

Examples to help you use the MYOB Advanced Business Events feature

In this example, we will use Business Events to automatically email a prospect information about your organisation once a lead is loaded into MYOB Advanced.

Step 1: Create the Generic Inquiry

In MYOB Advanced, Leads are part of the Contacts Table. The user has the option to specify if an introduction email is to be sent, by way of a checkbox as an Attribute.


  • Reference only the required fields in the Generic Inquiry. These fields should include:
    • Fields used as part of the Notification email
    • Key Identifier fields of the tables used
    • All fields required to track the change in data.
  • Grouping should not be used in the Generic Inquiry.
  • Do not use existing Primary List Generic Inquiries as a source of data for Business Events. These Generic Inquiries link to the underlying form and may impact on performance. We suggest using a simplified Generic Inquiry instead.
  • If monitoring attributes for data changes, reference the underlying CSAnswers table, not the [Attribute name]_Attribute field extensions you may find on some tables.
Step 2: Create the Business Event that will send the notification to the Prospect

  • ‘Type’ is set to ‘Trigger by Record Change’.
  • ‘Raise Event’ is set to ‘For Each Record’.
  • ‘Screen Name’ is referencing the Generic Inquiry created in Step 1.
  • Trigger Conditions are set to occur where:
    • A new record is inserted, or
    • Where the ‘Send Intro Email’ checkbox is subsequently checked by the user (True = 1).
Step 3: Select the Subscribers Tab

  • The ‘Type’ is an Email Notification. Select ‘Create Subscriber’ to create a new Notification.

  • ‘Notification ID’ describes the purpose of the Notification.
  • ‘From’ refers to the email account from which the email should be sent.
  • ‘To’ refers to the recipient of the email. In this case, the email address for the Prospect.
  • ‘Screen Name’ refers to the Generic Inquiry created in Step 1.
  • If ‘Link to Contact’ is populated, a copy of the email created will be logged against the Lead’s record as an Activity.

Following this process, when a new lead is created and the option to send an introductory email is selected, the Prospect will receive an email containing additional information about your company.

More information

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