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MYOB has identified issues with New Zealand Exo Employer Services which may have affected some calculations – mainly of leave rates and entitlements – made using this product. A software update is planned for July but in the meantime, read on to find out if the issue affects you, and what you can do about it.

Predominantly, the issues relate to the calculation of leave rates or entitlements for employees who have varied hours and pay (for full-time, part time and casuals) and the treatment of changes to work and leave patterns (days or hours changes).

In certain scenarios, leave rates or entitlements may not have been calculated consistently with the New Zealand Holidays Act 2003, or the accompanying guidance documents, for some employees.

In addition, in some instances changes to the software configuration, or a manual adjustment or capture of employee leave changes, may have been required to accurately calculate leave rates or entitlements.

What does this mean for you?

As each business is different, MYOB advises that you need to assess whether these issues apply to you, and the steps you may need to take to satisfy your obligations under the Holidays Act.

MYOB is making payroll software specialists available at no charge to help you identify if you have been affected by this issue. Phone consultations can be requested (at zero cost) through MYOB’s Holidays Act Hub, which also includes further details relating to this matter, including information on upcoming software updates.

Exo Employer Services software update coming in July

An Exo Employer Services software update is planned for delivery in July 2020. We recommend that you upgrade to the updated version of Exo Employer Services as soon as it is available. We will communicate with you again closer to the release date with full release notes and upgrade instructions.

Important: next steps

If you have not previously reviewed your Holidays Act compliance in regard to the issues in this communication, MYOB is recommending that you review your HR and payroll practices with regards to the following items:

  1. Review records for up to the last six years to check that entitlements stored in days/hours have been recalculated for employees whose work patterns have changed
  2. Check work pattern changes are documented in employment agreements
  3. Review and confirm employee’s current leave balances and entitlements
  4. Review your internal process for managing ongoing changes in work patterns

How to get in touch with MYOB

MYOB is available – at no charge – to help you assess potential impacts arising from this issue and provide you with information relating to its upcoming product updates. Visit MYOB’s Holidays Act Hub to find out more and to arrange your free consultation with an MYOB specialist team member.

In addition, depending on your circumstances, you may require further assistance to undertake the actions required for your HR and payroll review to ensure you meet your employer compliance obligations. MYOB recommends you consider engaging an external advisor with the expertise to assist you.

Got questions?

For general enquiries, Enprise remains your primary contact. Please contact your Account Manager in the first instance if we can help or advise you in any way. You can also contact us here.

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