New MYOB Exo Business 2020.1 release: the best bits

New MYOB Exo Business 2020.1 release: the best bits

MYOB has updated the user interface in the core MYOB Exo Business applications, clearing away the clutter and delivering a more intuitive workflow that displays well on smaller screens. Here’s an overview of the best bits.  

The modern and highly intuitive user interface makeover makes everyday tasks easier in core functions such as General Ledger, Debtors, Creditors, Stock, Contacts, Sales Orders, Invoices and Payment Entry, Purchase Orders, Inwards Goods and Creditor Invoicing.  

Toolbar and menu icons are now bigger, clearer and scalable. Menus drop down from the toolbars, removing clutter from toolbars and gathering related functions together. Alternate shading of table rows – and a clearer font – makes them easier to read. 

MYOB Exo Business 2020.1 UI screen 1

A new Spelling Checker works with all note, narrative, memo, and message fields. You have greater control over automatic period locking at EOM. Enhanced security features protect your data against tampering and give greater access control. You can now search for debtor and creditor invoices based on invoice numbers or transaction reference.

MYOB Exo Business 2020.1 UI screen 2

Upgrading for optimal performance

Upgrades can deliver performance improvements as well as new features. If your system is running slowly, upgrading to the newest version may fix the problem.

Upgrading to the latest version helps your business to stay competitive. Your competitors may be using the latest software to automate how they run their business and provide a more personalised customer experience.

Version comparison

If you are running an older version, here’s a comparison between two years ago and now.

Exo Business key new features from 2018.3 to 2020.1

  • Enhanced security features using the latest Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Works with >100% Windows scaling
  • Developed to work with high-resolution (1080+) screens
  • Unicode character set allows for symbols and non-English characters
  • Memo extra fields and “smart” extra fields available on some screens
  • Can email invoices directly from Invoice Search screen
  • “Action” and “Print” dropdown options consolidate and enhance existing buttons
  • Transaction screen shading makes it easier to view line detail
  • Spell checker on Narratives and Extra Fields
  • Able to import transactions into Stock Adjustments screen
  • FX rate warning on transaction screens. Can configure the threshold of this warning

For most customers, the upgrade is straightforward. Enprise can tell you how much consulting time it will take to perform the upgrade – then you can decide if you want to go ahead. Talk to your Account Manager, contact us here, or email us below.

Release notes | Download the 2020.1 release notes (PDF)

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