MYOB Exo Employer Services NZ 2020.01 Tax Release Available

MYOB Exo Employer Services NZ 2020.01 tax release

Enprise emailed MYOB Exo Employer Services users this week to advise that the MYOB Exo Employer Services NZ 2020.01 Tax Release is available for download and you can upgrade to the latest version now. 

The 2020.01 release addresses the legislative changes that take effect from 1 April. (This release can be installed prior to 1 April 2020; the changes are not activated in the product until the relevant date, e.g. changes to tax codes are applied when a pay ending on or after 1 April 2020 is run.)

Release Notes

The Release Notes document below provides essential information on the installation and use of this release.

Upgrade instructions

Please read the release notes BEFORE upgrading the software or pass it to your IT professionals if you're not sure what to do.

  • The Installation section provides an overview of the installation process, including pre-installation requirements and post-installation steps.
  • The New Features section describes all new features introduced in this release.
  • The Known Issues section details any issues in this release that have been identified as requiring attention.  

To find out more about this release please download and review the release notes from the link above, including how to check if you have upgraded successfully to the new release post-installation.


Download the Installer.exe for the 2020.01 release from the link below.

Get ready to do the update

Before you begin it is recommended you make sure:

  1. There are NO open pays within the system (either current Pays or One-Off Pays).
  2. All users should close their session of MYOB Exo Employer Services.
  3. You are logged into Windows with a user account that has administrative privileges prior to performing the upgrade.
  4. If you have multiple computers set up to run MYOB Exo Payroll across a network, you must run this upgrade on the system that houses the database.
  5. You have performed a backup of your current database.

Remember: If your software is installed on the server, your upgrade must be completed on the server by the administrator.

Upgrade now

Below are links to articles on the MYOB website that provide solutions for common questions when upgrading.

The Exo Knowledge Base is a great resource of information and has many hints, tips and troubleshooting articles which can be accessed anytime.

More information

If you require further assistance with your upgrade, please call the Enprise Support Desk on 0800 436 774 (1800 436 774 in Australia) or email us. 

*Please note support for this release is as per your nominated Support Agreement e.g. Premium Annual Support or Pay as You Need Support.

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