Choose your best path to the cloud

Choose your best path to the cloud - cloud server farm

There is a clear and easy path to the cloud for everyone – we’ll help you find the best path for your business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital business revolution by creating strong demand from businesses to access their systems and solutions from outside the office. The combination of a single source of truth, and access from anywhere, is a powerful argument for any business to shift to a cloud-based solution. This article looks at options to enhance your existing MYOB Exo system so you can reap the benefits of the cloud. The rapid adoption and development of cloud technology has taken away the ‘fear factor’, with companies now seeing the cloud as a reliable and secure business management platform.

For a smaller business, the move to the cloud is relatively simple. For a larger more complex business, the transition is more complicated as existing data may be stored across many different platforms. It is important to choose the smartest path to the cloud to take full advantage of all the cloud benefits while minimising time and cost.

From the simple and easily deployed systems, to the more complex and costly solutions, let’s explore the different pathways to take your business into the cloud.  

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Connect Remotely with an RDP session

Faster internet speeds have made connecting via an RDP session a viable option for smaller companies. By using a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) you can connect to another computer over a network connection. This enables you to access your on-premise system from outside the office. The RDP client is a part of the standard functionality of Windows but requires some initial setup.

Remote desktop connection graphic

You can add an extra layer of security to an RDP connection by operating within a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN masks your IP address, making your online actions almost untraceable. You have privacy and anonymity inside this private network. Some VPNs can provide data encryption for even more security. Team Viewer is another way to access to computers and networks remotely. (Enprise Solutions uses Team Viewer to provide training and support.)

A Terminal Server

In larger companies, RDP sessions may be too slow due to the large volume of data being transmitted. A terminal server processes the data at the server level - only the results get transmitted via the connection. This means the computer you are remotely connecting to is basically a dumb terminal. A VPN is still recommended with a terminal server, to ensure the security of your data.

Distributed Computing Protocol

This is a fast and stable way to allow multiple users to access their database in the cloud. A Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) is a system that allows programmers to write distributed software as if it were all working on the same computer, without having to worry about the underlying network code. Using DCE, the actual program could be run locally, while the database was somewhere else. The technology was so fast that it could work even over a dial-up connection, which made it a viable option way back when it launched with Exonet 6000 in 2002. MYOB has kept DCE compatible with the latest versions of MYOB Exo. In 2019 our development team connected MYOB Exo to Microsoft Azure using the DCE Protocol.

Private Cloud – Fully Hosted Environment

Users of MYOB Exo ERP benefit from being able to choose a fully hosted cloud option. The benefits of a “Private Cloud” hosted environment are many:

  1. The server is built for you by your host provider as a dedicated virtual file server, on server infrastructure owned by your host provider that is located in a specialist secure data centre. The capital cost is paid by the host provider. You pay a monthly subscription or pay per usage.
  2. Each server is custom built for each client - exactly as if the file server was in-house on your own equipment. Microsoft licensing is provided on a monthly subscription model. Additional software such as Office 365 licences can also be bundled into the cost.
  3. The server is fully warrantied, managed and administered by the provider as part of the hosting agreement.
  4. The server should be fully backed up on-site and off-site as part of the hosting agreement but may require you to select this option when signing up (be sure to do this).

Shared Cloud – Fully Hosted Environment

MYOB Exo can now be hosted in a shared environment. In a shared environment, the file servers are not dedicated to one client but are instead shared resources. That makes this option more cost effective in comparison to a private environment.

ExoHosted for MYOB Exo

This removes the hassle of dealing with 3rd party hosting suppliers. This option provides a holistic, single-sourced service platform to support your requirements. ExoHosted is an innovative solution that combines the classic MYOB Exo Business software with our cloud-based technology. You get uninterrupted, 24/7 service.

ExoHosted is managed by the same people who know your software inside out. This environment lets you outsource the things that are not part of your core business. We take care of everything, while you gain all the benefits of having your software in the cloud:

  • Access from anywhere at any time
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Scalable computing resource as your business grows
  • Security of data and data sovereignty
  • No maintenance of on-premise server equipment
  • No capital costs of servers
  • Simplified I.T. networks and services

This option lets you avoid the common pitfalls that divert time and money away from making your business more efficient.

You don’t have to worry about:

  • Server downtime
  • System maintenance
  • Virus protection
  • Processing power
  • Backups

Connected Services

Instead of migrating your entire system to the cloud, or configuring remote desktop access, there are cloud-based add-on products that can be deeply integrated to your MYOB Exo system. By using these external services, you create an integrated environment based on MYOB Exo but accessed through the cloud. The power of these add-on services can fill gaps or enhance the capability of your native MYOB Exo system.

We use a sturdy Application Programming Interface (API) or a synchronisation tool such as SynKit to make your data flow seamlessly between your current on-premise system and the cloud-based add-ons. SynKit is a connector for MYOB Exo developed by Enprise’s sister company, Kilimanjaro Consulting, that updates data between your system and popular add-on products like HubSpot, SmartFreight, Shopify and many others. This helps maintain up-to-date data in both systems without duplicating effort.

Software as a Service

If none of these options are right for your journey to the cloud, then perhaps you should consider implementing a fully cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution – like MYOB Advanced. MYOB Advanced (powered by Acumatica) is the fastest growing ERP system in the world. It’s a great example of a SaaS platform that can transform your business. It’s scalable, has many available modules and a simple user-based licensing model. Although they are independent pieces of software and the transition between them does require a full implementation, the migration from MYOB Exo to MYOB Advanced is much simpler than coming from a completely different system. Some benefits of MYOB Advanced compared to MYOB Exo are:

  • Improved data visibility, with personalised dashboards immediately visible on login and native drill-down functionality
  • Improved audit and governance through a security module with increased roles, permissions and authorities
  • Ability to handle more complex inventory
  • More flexible General Ledger structure
  • Multi-dimensional approval processes that support document and transaction-based approval
  • Access anytime and anywhere via a web-browser or the MYOB Advanced app.

With increasing demand for remote working, many businesses are looking to the best way to take their company into the cloud. Your individual requirements will determine the best solution for you. As trusted partners, Enprise Solutions can help you choose your best path to the cloud, when and if you need it. If you would like to learn more about taking your business into the future with the cloud, get in touch with our team by emailing us or by calling 0800 436 774.

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