MYOB Advanced Construction Edition – Specialist ERP software for the Construction Industry

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Industry specific ERP solution for construction companies.

MYOB Advanced’s new Construction Edition is the purpose-built solution the construction industry needs to push itself into the future. Currently, only 22 percent of construction companies have taken a cloud-based system on board. Implementing a cloud-based solution like MYOB Advanced can increase collaboration, streamline operations, and deliver the visibility you need to keep projects, budgets, and timelines on track.

Sometimes, success on a project can come down to having the right tools for the job, and business management software is the same. But it can be difficult to find the time to upgrade when your business is already experiencing growth. Business and industry leaders typically have years of experience in their field and trust in the way that they have always done things. However, the benefits a company might see by transitioning into the cloud far outweigh the dangers of relying on old or manual processes:

  • Real time visibility of your projects and data
  • Complete control over every aspect of your business
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Collaboration and communication

Real Time Visibility

Making good business decisions is easier when you have accurate and up to date information. Data from your past projects can be utilised in quoting for your future work giving you more reliable and accurate estimates. Internal work and communication also become much more efficient when project information stays up to date.

Complete Control

Unprecedented control, compared to your old systems, helps to keep your projects progressing efficiently. You can have the ability to manage workers, sub-contractors, billing, payroll, and all your project information whilst onsite and on your mobile phone. This is all done through MYOB Advanced Construction Edition instead of the disparate and inefficient process of switching between different sheets and systems.

Enhanced Productivity

Double handling of data and time-consuming entries can be eliminated as MYOB Advanced Construction Edition is fully integrated across all its systems. This means that more working time can be invested directly into your projects, which boosts productivity.

Collaboration and Communication

Use MYOB Advanced Construction Edition to condense your systems and give your company a single source of truth. Keeping office staff and onsite workers on the same page throughout the day means that you can share accurate project information (such as timelines) with clients, and reduces any errors caused by miscommunication.

The rapidly growing construction industry will only become more complex in the future. Inefficient old or paper-based processes will only heighten errors and separate your business from the constantly evolving and growing industry. Companies must take advantage of the opportunity to implement cloud-based ERPs like MYOB Advanced Construction Edition as early as possible to gain advantage over their competitors and see increased success.

More information

There are many signs that your business is ready for the transition to a cloud-based ERP. To learn the 6 signs that it is time to upgrade your system, download the PDF below.

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