Are you getting the best possible view of your data?

Best possible view of your data

MYOB Exo is a popular and mature ERP software system that has been deployed to over 3000 mid-tier organisations across Australasia. Born out of Exonet , MYOB Exo has continued to evolve into the robust and reliable solution that it is today.

MYOB Exo has a lower cost to implement than other ERP systems in its market, allowing users to get a faster return on their implementation investment. The system is popular for its ability to capture financial and business management data from across your entire organisation. However, as your business continues to expand and grow, the data you are collecting can become overwhelming and difficult to properly visualise.

Is there such a thing as too much good data? 

Data is what makes your ERP and your business tick, and so it is important to gather as much as possible from a variety of different sources. This informs your decision making and general overview of the company and giving you the true picture. Part of what has made MYOB Exo so successful over the last decade has been its ability to capture data from a multitude of different sources and bring them together forming a single source of truth.

However, as your business continues to grow (pushed forwards by the increase in efficiency from your MYOB Exo system), this data can become less simple to access. Your data can become hidden behind various reports and other internal clutter. Even when you can find and run the appropriate report, you lack the ability to drill deeper into your data and find the root cause of any trend. Reports also take the form of number-filled tables, which are difficult to digest and see the important information quickly.

What are the alternatives?

MYOB Advanced is a powerful mid-market ERP system, based in the cloud as a fully SaaS solution. MYOB Advanced is built to enable you to take a deeper dive into your data and to explore the detail of every transaction.

On signing into MYOB Advanced, you immediately view dashboards that have been specifically configured for your login. This page is a summary of all the data relevant to you, displayed in many different mediums from tables to graphs and charts. This visual array is easy to comprehend and gives an easy breakdown of your important metrics automatically.

The dashboards, as well as all reports through MYOB Advanced, are dynamic and can be used to drill down further into your system. This places the detail you need at your fingertips. Immediate access to a specific invoice is possible directly from your reports, giving enhanced visibility of the granular information without compromising the simple and easy-to-digest perspective. Inquiry screens can give you direct access to detailed customer records. Information can be broken down by invoice and highlight important information with conditional formatting. This formatting is consistent as you continue to drill down, so that you have a reliable basis from which to appraise your data.

MYOB Advanced can become your single point of focus for working with your data. Its drill-down capability gives you unparalleled access to the absolute source of your data, while also producing easy-to-digest, visual dashboards with data specific to your needs.

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Reason 4: A wide range of proven companion products from trusted partners. 

Reason 5: With Enprise, you get MYOB Exo from the people that invented it. 

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