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Enprise has business continuity plans in place and will continue to deliver support to all customers during the Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown, and at all levels beyond that.

The Enprise Group (ENS : NZE) is the mothership of all its owned and part-owned businesses, including Kilimanjaro Consulting (Australia) and Enprise Solutions (NZ). These are essentially two identical fully owned group operations, selling and supporting the MYOB Enterprise products in their respective countries. Merging Kilimanjaro Consulting and Enprise Solutions into a single operation is all but complete, after 18 months of melding together the people and working parts of these business twins.

MYOB regularly releases MYOB Exo Business updates to enable users to benefit from improved functionality and bug fixes. See our summary of enhancements from the last five updates, then book your upgrade to take advantage of them all.

MYOB has released a security update for the MYOB Exo API. All clients using this API need to upgrade to the new Version 1.6 by 26 November 2021. The security procedures in the existing versions will be switched off on 4 December 2021, and the current API versions will cease to function.

Cut server maintenance costs by moving your ERP system into the cloud.

Metrics are used across major companies and industries to measure and understand your business processes. However, metrics are often overlooked within Accounts Payable (AP) departments as they can be difficult to measure without the right source of data. Luckily, your MYOB ERP acts as a single source of truth, allowing easy access to the crucial metrics that can drive increased performance and success.

COVID-19 has forced the rapid adaptation and evolution of the business landscape over the 2020/21 financial year. Some companies were able to keep pace with the industry adjustments, whereas others found themselves hitting the reset button. Regardless of your company’s current position, finance teams need to review their Accounts Payable strategies to better manage their expenses and cashflow. We take you through two crucial steps to help plan for success this year.

The 30 June end of financial year (EOFY) is here. It can be a busy time for accounts departments tasked with producing year-end financial statements and preparing the system for the next financial year. If your company has 30 June EOFY obligations, we have valuable checklists and EOFY training courses to help you navigate this process smoothly. You can access these via the Enprise Training Portal until 31 July 2021.

MYOB Exo is a popular and mature ERP software system that has been deployed to over 3000 mid-tier organisations across Australasia. It is less expensive implement than other ERP systems in its market, giving a faster return on investment. The system is popular for its ability to capture financial and business management data from across your entire organisation. However, as your business continues to grow, the data you are collecting can become overwhelming and difficult to properly visualise. What's the alternative to get the best possible view of your data? Read on to find out.

MYOB Advanced now has a security module that offers flexible options around assigning roles, permissions and authorities. It also has audit features that will ensure compliance for your organisation.

5 good reasons to choose Enprise

Reason 1: Gold standard service and support. 

Reason 2: Cloud options for every piece of software we sell.

Reason 3: The largest MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo partner in Australasia, with dedicated sales, implementation & support teams.

Reason 4: A wide range of proven companion products from trusted partners. 

Reason 5: With Enprise, you get MYOB Exo from the people that invented it. 

MYOB Advanced Platinum Partner & MYOB Exo Platinum Partner logos - Enprise

Enprise MYOB Awards strip 2016-2021, 1200

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