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2022 is coming at us fast, and so is the launch of our new name – Kilimanjaro Consulting. After two years of consolidation, Enprise Solutions and Kilimanjaro Consulting are now merged as one powerful trans-Tasman consultancy.  We will be trading as Kilimanjaro Consulting across both countries. 

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) will become mandatory for all MYOB Advanced users on 31 December 2021. We would like to remind all MYOB Advanced clients to enable your 2FA login before this date.

As 2021 draws to a close, please take note of the following Enprise office closure dates and after-hours support details for the 2021/2022 festive period.

Out-of-office access to your data is now a necessity. MYOB Exo is an on-premise solution but there are ways to easily enable remote access to your ERP and make your business more flexible and mobile. From MYOB Exo OnTheGo, to ExoHosted and MYOB Advanced, we look at the options.

Has your organisation's financial structure become too complex for your current software? MYOB Advanced is a powerful mid-market Business Management System, hosted in the cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It is built to comprehensively cover your complex financial management needs. This gives you control over all aspects of your accounts: companies, general ledger, sub-accounts, and accounting ledgers. Within a single, integrated environment, your multi-dimensional general ledger can achieve true multi-company and inter-company consolidations. General-ledger-centric businesses gravitate towards MYOB Advanced due to this increased flexibility.

The Velixo Developers are continually responding to requests for new functions that can simplify the report designing process. The product is always being improved to meet the needs of its users; both on the MYOB Advanced and Acumatica platforms. With consistent new releases, Version 6 of Velixo is the most recent to be introduced to the market. It may have been some time since you deployed Velixo in your system, and so there may be new functions you might not be aware of – or how they can make you even more efficient.

Fundamental changes to Microsoft Excel® have provided rich ecosystems for developers to create solutions. In 2010 Excel was expanded to support a million rows on a single worksheet. The introduction and subsequent upgrading of Dynamic Arrays in Excel 365 was a ground-breaking move in working with data.

As your business continues to grow, every purchasing decision, and every bill paid, becomes more complex. Once simple processes now require approvals. Do you struggle to build meaningful workflows or approval pathways in MYOB Exo? This is because many users have the same access to the system. As a result, workflows and pathways can become murky or can even be ignored. Using a system that properly supports your complex approval requirements streamlines the process, without compromising the speed of your work.

Use Velixo to save time when building reports in MS Excel.

Use Velixo with MYOB Advanced to improve your reporting efficiency. 

5 good reasons to choose Enprise

Reason 1: Gold standard service and support. 

Reason 2: Cloud options for every piece of software we sell.

Reason 3: The largest MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo partner in Australasia, with dedicated sales, implementation & support teams.

Reason 4: A wide range of proven companion products from trusted partners. 

Reason 5: With Enprise, you get MYOB Exo from the people that invented it. 

MYOB Advanced Platinum Partner & MYOB Exo Platinum Partner logos - Enprise

Enprise MYOB Awards strip 2016-2021, 1200

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