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Very Impressive Software (VIS) is a trusted Enprise partner that has developed a range of proven MYOB Exo add-ons.

Very Impressive Software’s add-ons include Very Impressive Assets, which manages fixed asset registers; Very Impressive Importer, which enables MYOB Exo users to import data into the system; Exo Exchange Rate Importer, a simple tool to update MYOB Exo with the latest exchange rates; viKey-Less, which enables users to enter invoices with no keying – plus many more.

Key products in the Very Impressive Software range

Very Impressive Assets

Very Impressive Assets manages fixed asset registers. Month-end depreciation, additions, disposals and revaluation adjustment transactions are posted directly to your general ledger with ease and accuracy. This add-on is a real time saver that helps maintain the integrity of your financial system.

Very Impressive Importer

Very Impressive Importer enables MYOB Exo users to import data into the system, including debtors, creditors, sales order, invoices and price catalogues from files of various formats.

Free app – Exo Exchange Rate Importer

A quick and simple tool that allows you to update MYOB Exo with the latest exchange rates from the Westpac Bank website (for New Zealand customers) or from the Commonwealth Bank (for Australian customers) anytime you like.

viKey-Less – Enter invoices with no keying

viKey-Less is an Accounts Payable Automation option for MYOB Exo Business users. Enter invoices into MYOB Exo Business, and bring items into stock, with no manual keying in. viKey-Less lets you turn PDFs into posted invoices in MYOB Exo Business without having to key them in. If you receive lots of supplier invoices this nifty tool will save you time and help prevent errors. viKey-Less reads the invoice, codes it and posts it to MYOB Exo Business. You handle only those invoices that can't be read automatically, like handwritten ones or strange formats like energy invoices and telecoms providers. The bulk of invoices are straightforward and viKey-Less handles them.

Other MYOB Exo add-ons from Very Impressive Software

  •  e-Invoicing, for your AEDI processing to retail chains.
  • A web store that takes orders, sells goods, collects money that integrates with your MYOB Exo Business database.
  • Xeno.Net, an API/SDK for MYOB Exo Business. This is a data API that allows the creation, retrieval, and updating of MYOB Exo Business objects.
  • Xeno.Web is an app that allows you to get JSON data to your App, Website, 3rd party application and to update your Exo Business database with data like Orders, Debtors and Contacts.
  • RePoster is a powerful module which allows users to easily and quickly post recurring journals, debtor invoices and creditor invoices into the MYOB Exo database. It even allows text replacement by parameters which means the description will say "Support for August" rather than just saying "Monthly Support".
  • ITQ2Fin is an interface between iSells ITQuoter and MYOB Exo Business that allows the user to create the quotes in IT Quoter. Once accepted, they get transferred to MYOB Exo Business as a Sales Order.

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