MYOB Advanced Payroll is a cloud-based payroll and workforce management solution from MYOB.

MYOB Advanced Payroll meshes tightly with MYOB Advanced Business for an integrated ERP and payroll solution.

MYOB Advanced Payroll (formerly known as MYOB Advanced People) is a modern, flexible, fully-featured cloud payroll and workforce management solution that is ideal for larger, more complex businesses requiring organisation-wide insights to make quick, informed business decisions.

Together with MYOB Advanced Business, MYOB Advanced Payroll forms the core of the MYOB Advanced platform.

Enprise Solutions is fully certified to provide implementation, training and support services for MYOB Advanced Payroll.

MYOB Advanced Payroll in action

MYOB Advanced Payroll is very flexible, perfect for complex businesses that require organisation-wide insights to make quick, educated business decisions.

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MYOB Advanced Payroll can be run as a standalone payroll solution, or it integrates tightly with MYOB Advanced Business for an ERP and payroll solution that delivers the efficiencies that will turn your business productivity up a notch. Efficiencies you will see include free flow of information between functions – resulting in reduced duplication of effort and manual data entry; as well as real-time business insights.

Features and benefits include:

  • Seamless integration with MYOB Advanced Business
  • Customisable leave entitlements
  • Configure employees with a range of pay items, e.g. multiple wage types, hourly rates
  • Multiple pay cycles per pay frequency, e.g. alternating fortnightly pays
  • Easy payroll compliance thanks to MYOB-managed online tax engine – latest rates at your fingertips
  • Pay and entitlement history recorded and easily accessible
  • Superior payroll reporting
  • Combination with Advanced Business yields benefits – enhanced reporting, full GL data transfer, transaction history, audit tracking etc
  • Straightforward monthly pricing plans
  • Flexible to change with your requirements
  • Easy knowledge and document sharing
  • Highly secure
  • No hardware to maintain = reduced costs.

Visit the Enprise Solutions MYOB Advanced YouTube channel for video demonstrations, tutorials and customer testimonials. 

MYOB Exo Employer Services

MYOB Exo Employer Services in the cloud

An alternative to MYOB Advanced Payroll

Not running MYOB Advanced but still want the benefits of cloud-based HR and payroll management?

MYOB Exo Employer Services offers similar services to MYOB Advanced Payroll and Enprise can offer you a fully cloud-hosted solution. MYOB Exo Employer Services integrates with any ERP system – you don’t have to be using MYOB Advanced.

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