The MYOB Exo Intercompany module provides reporting on a business’s consolidated accounts. It manages the consolidation of General Ledger from multiple entities using Exo.

Many businesses, regardless of size, operate several separate legal entities. This can be efficient for tax and other purposes, but can often require additional accounting and perhaps the need to involve external assistance from a business's accountant and/or auditor. 

MYOB Exo's Intercompany module enables a business to consolidate its various entities into a single consolidated entity for the purposes of reporting. The consolidation process can happen as frequently as necessary to perform group-based reporting. The group company is treated as an entity in its own right, so all the General Ledger transactions and reporting functions are available.

The consolidated GL is treated as its own entity, giving full editing and reporting functionality. This can be scheduled as frequently as necessary so you always have accurate real-time data for decision making.

The module can consolidate most foreign subsidiaries running with the same financial balance dates. It will easily reconcile intercompany transactions, with controls ensuring correct postings are made each month.  You can enter a creditor's invoice into the consolidated GL, and expense the value across the multiple transactional entities in percentage proportions. Have the system generate the required entries in each company from a single transaction.

Key features include:

  • Consolidate multiple companies
  • Consolidate foreign subsidiaries
  • Account for related party and OEI or minority interest companies
  • Previously loaded balances of a foreign subsidiary can be re-valued at any point in time to better reflect the current currency rates & therefore position of the group entity
  • Automatic calculation and posting of Other Equity Interest (Minority Interest) portion of the current year profit
  • Built in controls to ensure data is accounted for correctly via a flag in Source Company to identify that it has been uploaded. This ensures it is loaded to the Group Company once only
  • Handle elimination entries at the time of consolidating into the Group Consolidation Entity.

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